Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - Black - 05 Medium Nib

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - Black - 05 Medium Nib

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The treasured spirit of writing is captured in a modern, simple form. Since its launch in 2007, the Preppy fountain pen has enjoyed its reputation as a wonderful fountain pen with real fountain pen writing despite its low price point. It's easy to use, has a cool look, and comes in a variety of colors and nib sizes. The beauty of the sturdy stainless steel nib is brought out by polishing.

The colored pen cap and ink feed match the ink color of the pen. This helps you easily identify the color so you don't accidentally use the wrong one. The nib size is also printed on top of the cap for you to find the desired nib size with ease.

The pen won't dry out even if the cartridge is installed for one year, due to Platinum's "Slip Seal" cap mechanism. You can experience smooth writing from the start. Its sturdy nib and ability to keep refilling will allow you to keep the pen for a long time.

One ink cartridge is included.

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This is smoother than...
January 6, 2016
Verified Purchase
This is smoother than such an inexpensive pen has a rite to be! The ink is a bit less saturated than I like my blacks to be but that is just a personal preference.
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Not the blackest black...
May 13, 2015
Verified Purchase
Not the blackest black ink, but writes smoothly!
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Looks like the Platinum...
January 31, 2015
Verified Purchase
Looks like the Platinum Preppy 05 M nib Fountain Pen design has been updated a bit since I first reviewed it over a year ago. There have been some changes to the barrel graphics and the feed color. The extra fine 02 nib pen looks completely different with a different font type and more sections of its translucent body painted silver. The nib size is clearly marked on the nib, pen cap, and barrel for easy identification. The "Made in Japan" is more prominently displayed on the new barrels. The Preppy is a pretty easy to use beginner's pen. You just unscrew the barrel, plug the ink cartridge, couple of shakes, wait a couple of minutes for ink to flow into the nib, and it is ready for writing or drawing duties. I tested them first on smooth white card stock while waiting in the ER. I used them with the caps posted on the back of the pen barrel for an optimal balance and more comfortable feel. They all worked smoothly and produced consistent lines without having to put much pressure on the paper surface. The cartridge ink does look a bit lighter than my preferred black Platinum Carbon ink. I have shared these pens with the students in my Art Immersion class (10-14 year old), and they all found them to be smooth drawing tools. At their value price point, it is pretty affordable to get all three Platinum Preppy nib sizes and different ink colors for beginners that want to try fountain pens for the first time without having to make a large investment. They are one of the more cost-effective ways of determining which nib size suits your writing or drawing style best before upgrading to mid-priced pens.Other than the few cosmetic changes already mentioned, the Preppy remains a pretty fuss-free pen. I know you are supposed to flush and clean your pens to prevent clogging, but I never had to with my old one (05 Medium nib). I just simply keep reloading it with black carbon ink and it keeps chugging along fine. I will have to see what happens with the finer nib sizes (02 and 03) after I use up their cartridges. I think I might try reloading the empty cartridges with carbon ink using a syringe.
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Absolute best pen I've...
October 4, 2016
Verified Purchase
Absolute best pen I've ever bought considering the price!!
This is the ultimate...
October 1, 2016
This is the ultimate beginner pen, a great base for experimentation, and an all around great pen. I've heard a lot of complaints about the plastic cracking but I leave mine free to roam in my oversized purse with books, bottles, and other things that would easily break it and it has hardly scratched. The ink is nice, especially for an inexpensive pen. The black is a bit paler than I usually like but it's a consistent performer. The versatility of a Preppy is unbeatable and so is the price. The medium nib is the smoothest above F and EF but the line is quite thick. It would be a great contender for experimenting with nib adjustment. My biggest complaint about the Preppy is that they no longer sell the pens with nibs that match the ink/cap color but that's not much to complain about at all.
baby creep

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