Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Eco - 03 Fine Nib - Black

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Eco - 03 Fine Nib - Black

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Colorful and cartridge refillable fountain pens seem to be gaining popularity in Japan. The treasured spirit of writing is captured in a new and modern form.

The Platinum Preppy, like the Pilot Petit1, is a compact fountain pen available in different ink colors. The stainless steel nib is colored to match the color of the ink. It's refillable with cartridges and made of 40% recycled plastic (how green!)

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Bought the pen because...
April 13, 2011
Bought the pen because it was the only one that was 1. $3 and 2. had no negative reviews.
It came with a 2.25" ink cartridge it ran out after about 50 full pages of notes in 3 days for me because your hands never ever get tired... i don't know why...
never bleeds, never leaked, it gets dry if you leave it out uncapped for like a minute, but i'm guessing the drying issue is universal to fountain pens. I learned to just tap the table once before starting to write again and the dryness can be avoided.
Love the fine point; I can't imagine getting a european brand pen, and finding out that their "fine point" is really a "medium point" thickness... For this pen, it says 0.3mm, but realistically, it is about 0.5mm on paper, which is PERFECT.

Absolutely flawless.
Better than any pencil and pen I have ever used. (Dr.Grip, and alpha grip combined)
The fact that I have to change the cartridge frequently motivates me because it tells me that I'm doing a lot of work (unlike other ball point pens where the ink never, ever, ever runs out...)

Contemplating on whether to get a converter.
I absolutely love this pen, I am scared to get any other pens =\.
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It writes like a dream...
January 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
It writes like a dream but the barrel and cap are made from weak, brittle plastic. I've been very careful with mine and both the top of the body and the bottom of the cap have developed cracks. This is my second Preppy, which I got to replace the first one that had the same issue.

I know it's only a $3 pen, but I still expect it to not fall apart after a few months of easy desktop use, especially after buying the $8 converter. It's a shame too, because the fine nib writes like a dream, much smoother than many of my "real" fountain pens.
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Not a fan. This pen...
March 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
Not a fan.

This pen really isn't that fine for a Japanese pen (not even close to a Sailor fine). It's a very dry writing pen, so much so that it skips or writes faintly on both inks I've tried (in fairness, neither were the cartridge that came with the pen, I've been eye-dropper-ing with Noodler inks). It was hard starting from day one. For $3 you can do better with a Pilot Varsity.

Your experience might be better with the cartridge ink than mine.
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Very good functioning...
February 21, 2013
Verified Purchase
Very good functioning pen. I've had it for a good while now, about 5 months. Everything works well on it, except the barrel and cap developed cracks quickly. Recently the cap finally cracked enough to stop clipping onto the pen. A shame that happened just after buying the converter for it. I am going to keep it around and see if there is a way to remedy the cracking, perhaps with some gorilla glue or more tape.
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After 6 weeks of only...
March 12, 2012
Verified Purchase
After 6 weeks of only very occasional use, the cheap plastic body of this pen has developed very deep cracks rendering it completely useless in hand... Very disappointing.
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