Platinum Preppy Ink Tip Refillable Sign Marker Pen - 5 Color Set

Platinum Preppy Ink Tip Refillable Sign Marker Pen - 5 Color Set

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5 Color Set.

The Preppy line from Platinum is so comfortable and practical that our customers have requested that we bring in the entire line. So now the Preppy fountain pen, marker, and highlighter are all available at JetPens.

The brilliant design of the Platinum Preppy Sign Markers is that they work just like a fountain pen! They use convenient ink refill cartridges. Just pop one in and in seconds the nib is filled and ready to go. The markers are great for frequent use because even the tip is replaceable. Even though they are made for the office, they are especially kid friendly because you can always replace the tip after they have been abused. Very economical and eco-friendly. Seven vibrant colors available.

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Excellent pens. Best...
September 24, 2009
Verified Purchase
Excellent pens. Best of all, you can buy rubber o-rings and convert these sign pens to accept ink such as Noodler's (see the jetpens article on converting the platinum preppy fountain pens to eye dropper fountain pens - the same o-ring size works on the sign pens). The converted pens produce a great look when you use the electric/highlighter inks (I've tried Lightning Blue, St. Patty's Eire, Hellfire and Year of the Golden Pig). The writing also looks good with regular Noodler's ink (I've tried Ottoman Azure and Gruene Cactus). Since the felt tips are replaceable, the ink options are limitless. Great pen, the tip is fairly fine for a sign pen, and the transparent body allows you to see how much ink you have left... and it's a beautiful pen!
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Great set of felt tipped...
October 16, 2013
Verified Purchase
Great set of felt tipped pens. All of the colors are very bright and unsaturated; they're beautiful colors, but not very bold. I do wish Pilot had included pink or red and used their purple in place of one of those two, since the red and pink are very similar (I think the red looks more pink than the pink). These will be in heavy rotation on my desk.

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