Platinum Preppy Ink Tip Refillable Sign Marker Pen - Black

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The Preppy line from Platinum is so comfortable and practical that our customers have requested that we bring in the entire line. So now the Preppy fountain pen, marker, and highlighter are all available at JetPens.

The brilliant design of the Platinum Preppy Sign Markers is that they work just like a fountain pen! They use convenient ink refill cartridges. Just pop one in and in seconds the nib is filled and ready to go. The markers are great for frequent use because even the tip is replaceable. Even though they are made for the office, they are especially kid friendly because you can always replace the tip after they have been abused. Very economical and eco-friendly. Seven vibrant colors available.

Model NumberPLATINUM CSIQ-150 1
Weight0.4 ounces
Body Color Clear
Body Material Plastic
Clip Material Plastic
Clippable Yes
Color Set No
Design Style Fountain Pen Style
Diameter - Grip 10.8 mm
Diameter - Max 11.8 mm
Grip Color Clear
Grip Material Plastic
Ink Refillable Yes
Length - Capped 13.6 cm
Length - Posted 15.0 cm
Length - Uncapped 12.1 cm
Mechanism Capped
Pre-Installed Ink Color Black
Tip Length 4.9 mm
Tip Material Felt
Tip Type Bullet

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Fantastic as an eyedropper I...
September 14, 2012
Verified Purchase
Fantastic as an eyedropper
I did not try the included cartridge. Instead I converted it to an eyedropper and loaded it up with Dr. Ph. Martin;s Black Star HiCard.

I like this combo a lot better than the Sharpies provide at our office for Agile Story Card planning. It makes a bold but crisp line. No wear yet on the tip.
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This is just an update...
October 16, 2009
Verified Purchase
This is just an update and idea-
I took to traveling to class with this pen, and it leaks ink similarly to a fountain pen, such as if you move it quickly or drop it accidentally, then ink will make a Jackson Pollock painting inside the cap or on another hapless object.
A great use of this pen is to take a razor knife and modify the replaceable nib to have more varying angles and widths. (think of a quill pen) This makes the pen much more comfortable and expressive to use.
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March 5, 2015
Verified Purchase
It has a very broad point...
February 15, 2015
Verified Purchase
It has a very broad point for me, can not control line width.
For the price- this is...
July 8, 2009
Verified Purchase
For the price- this is a steal. The pen tip has a bit of a scratchy feel as it moves across the paper, which I hope changes with wear, but the ink flow is great, and works similarly to the papermate 'flair' felt tip pen. The ink cartridge has a small marble on the end, which when inserted into the pen, rolls into the cartridge and apparently keeps the ink flow moving proper.
Great buy!