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The Platinum Pro-Use is an excellent drafting pencil that will meet your professional needs. It's similar to the Zebra Drafix in terms of body style, but has a heavier weight and nicer grip. The pencil wins aesthetic points for its muted grey lead indicators and glossy black body. Features a fixed sleeve, rubber grip, and cap labeled with pencil lead size.

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this is one of my all-time...
January 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
this is one of my all-time favorite pencils. it has a gritty rolling feeling when using it. i think i hear it shaking sometimes too. i like it, whatever you guys. the clip does get annoying sometimes. i do like this one better than the silver no grip one. it also has a good weight unlike the silver one.
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One of the best mechanical...
September 4, 2009
Verified Purchase
One of the best mechanical pencil I own!!!
I absolutely love it!!
It is great for taking notes
The Platinum Pro Use...
January 24, 2009
Verified Purchase
The Platinum Pro Use MSD 500A was my first Platinum pencil. My second was an MSD 300A. The 500A is a very nice pencil. I like the rubber grip, though like all such grips it's a lint attractor. The pencil feels good in my hand and points well. The lead sleeve is exactly 4mm as it should be. The pencil noes not rattle when I write with it but can be made to rattle if shaken. This is a combination of the lead in the reservoir and the lead reservoir hitting the inside of the body. No biggie. I don't normally shake my pencils. The lead grade indicator has enough friction to keep the ring in place during normal use. Funny thing is while the body is plastic the push button id blackened brass! Overall a nice pencil. I like it.
I bought one of these...
January 16, 2009
Verified Purchase
I bought one of these a while ago to try. It is a pencil that I really want to love, but just can't. It is very nice looking and has a respectable build quality. There is something strange however about the indentation of the rubber grip, that while it is good for keeping your grip from sliding forward, causes the angle of the tip relative to what I am used to with other pencils to be just slightly peculiar. Thus, it just doesn't feel like it's pointing in the right direction. It might also be that the tip is a bit shorter than I'm used to. One other thing, it rattles a bit while writing.

I found a different Platinum model, the MSD 300 model rather than this one which is the MSD 500 model. The cheaper MSD300 has a simpler and lighter body with no lead hardness indicator, no rubber grip, but a very nice flared tip that is extremely comfortable for writing. The MSD300 is really cheap-o. But since it is just so "writable" I have wound up using it along with Pentel P203 as my main 0.3 pencil for writing really fine stuff.

Nice looking and nothing really technically wrong (except rattling), but I just find myself not wanting to use it.
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