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The Platinum Pro-Use is an excellent drafting pencil that will meet your professional needs. It's similar to the Zebra Drafix in terms of body style, but has a heavier weight and nicer grip. The pencil wins aesthetic points for its muted grey lead indicators and glossy black body. Features a fixed sleeve, rubber grip, and cap labeled with pencil lead size.

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Oh Boy, My 3rd JetPens...
January 18, 2009
Verified Purchase
Oh Boy, My 3rd JetPens Review!

Everything they said in the write up is true! This is one classy looking and feeling pencil. I got it to go with my collection of fountain and calligraphy pens, which are all different shades, hues, textures, shininess and materials of slightly differing blackness. I Love's my black! Why do I love my black? Because I've unfortunately, or fortunately, found out that any color to be found on my writing implements will distract me quicker than a traffic accident. Leading to, well you guessed it, another tragic accident. I really don't like accidents, of any sort, especially when it comes to my scribblings and doodlings.

This pencil fits in perfect with my necessarily preferred design aesthetic. Black baby, black! With a hint of blingy chrome to counter balance the glossy black of the barrel and the slightly hesitant matte black of the rubber grip and the ribbed texture of the lead hardness indicator.

Now when it comes to the feel of this pencil it is pretty middle of the road, and that's a good thing. It's also top heavy, so for you pencil pushers who like the weight in the grip area of your pencils this may not be a pencil for you. But for those who like to toss their lines onto paper the extra weight in the barrel will let you get those lines out with a flourish.

I don't know why, but if pirates carried mechanical pencils this would definitely be one of their top choices. So plunder thee some paper and spin ye yer yarn, for soon the sweet claret shall flow, and ye'll be tellin' no more of yer tales of unrestrained fancy.
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I love this pencil. It's...
August 9, 2010
Verified Purchase
I love this pencil. It's elegant, handles right, gives me nice, tight lines, and just feels good in the hand. The only complaint is that it seems to have a bit more lead breakages than my my Staedtler 925 or my Foray Air Cushion Mechanical Pencil. Overall, though, it's well worth the money, and I plan on acquiring more next paycheck.
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