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This is the coolest looking...
February 17, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is the coolest looking drafting pencil in my arsenal of 13.
the only negative thing about this hot piece of pencil is it is lacking the percussive click in the lead advance dept. (like a rotring 600 or staedtler 925). Its more of a quiet metal against metal *shik*. If you like to draw and rock head turning gear...buy it nerd!
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huey cobra
As an avid collector...
November 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
As an avid collector of exotic and fine stationary equipment this my favorite. As soon as I got this pencil I knew it was something I would not be able to put down. It is very different than any other drafting pencil on the market with the very thick body and grip. This makes for a unique writing/drawing experience. The construction is solid metal and has a very interesting texture that I enjoy. This pencil is one of the best around. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves stationary equipment.
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Wayne Reader
The pro-use II 0.3 mm...
December 2, 2011
Verified Purchase
The pro-use II 0.3 mm is a kick-ass mechanical pencil. The weight is just right a little more towards the front with a stubby barrel and an elegant taper past the middle. This thing rests absolutely perfect in the nook of my thumb and forefinger, it's finger-candy. Best of all this entire pencil is either made of metal or brushed aluminum, even the tube where the leads are stored, the only thing plastic is the eraser. I don't care for fat pencils at all so I was hesitant on purchasing the Pro-Use II, but the other reviews convinced me otherwise. Apon receiving it I was happy to see that the barrel was the same size as Super Promecha in diameter.
Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and plan on ordering the Pro-Use II 0.5mm next. Also, as far as customer service service goes Jetpens is top knotch. My original order was sent to someone else by fault of the USPS, they did nothing to resolve the problem. I contacted Jetpens and they sent me a new order in just a few days. Hands down the best...

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This pencil is fantastic....
November 7, 2009
Verified Purchase
This pencil is fantastic. It is a little shorter than standard but not obnoxiously so. It has a good weight and perfect balance. It's really cheap considering the quality. Your hand rests in it comfortably, and the body seems sturdy. I am a little horrified about the tip and how that will hold up however, as it seems like that may be the first to go.

It was one of the best purchases I have made on Jet Pens.
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This is a very nicely...
February 18, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is a very nicely made pencil. The only plastic part is the lead tube, even the end cap and orange lead grade indicator ring are beautifully machined aluminum. Has a nice weight and feels good in the hand. Worth every penny.
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Ordered a pencil and...
February 22, 2016
Verified Purchase
Ordered a pencil and received a bomb trigger switch.

That is what this pencil feels like. The size of the pencil length-wise is similar to those bomb trigger switches one sees in cartoons but still feels very comfortable to use. The ergonomics on this pencil feels very nice to write for very long periods of use. With the long lead sleeve and comfortable grip (grip is not knurled but still feels very nice to hold), this pencil is a very pleasant surprise to write with, and I would consider this one of the best pencils I have used. I normally use pencils to do sketching/technical drawing or schoolwork, and this pencil has done all that and more. This pencil also feels like it could stand a beating or two (not on the lead sleeve) after I opened it up and saw the build quality of the pencil interior.

The price is a little too pricey for those who prefer casual usage of mechanical pencils, but for those mechanical pencil enthusiast, trust me that this pencil is every worth the price tag.
Pros: The body of this...
January 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
The body of this pen is very nice, it's soft and feels very comfortable in the hand [I have large hands].
The little orange band near the tip can be adjusted [it can point to different kinds of lead types such as b 2b ... etc] if you unscrew the tip, although there weren't any kind of directions to figure this all out.... the clip is also removable if unscrew the top part of the pen bellow the eraser cover. The eraser is decent but it's best only on emergencies, there is not a whole lot of it in there. I bought extras just in case.

I'm no engineer but I did take some trig.... and I have noticed that in certain angles below 45 degrees the tip breaks leads. Some writing surfaces can cause this, even more so. I would imagine if the user is writing gently it might not be an issue. However if you tend to write fast or are heavy handed.... be prepared to be frustrated. Furthermore.... it is strange how a well constructed tip would have such a weak tip, it feels like the designers added it in as an after thought. I wonder sometimes if the lead breaks because the tip bends ever so slightly, who knows...


I liked the body material, and the weight of the pencil... however the tip feels fragile and breaks leads often under certain conditions. Looks aren't everything, it's difficult to recommend this pencil. Collectors would probably like this pencil however for everyday use for school/office work.... the performance of this pencil is inconsistent. I have learned not to depend on it, however I do appreciate it's beautiful design... it's tough rating it, but maybe a 3.5/5.. since Jetpens does not have such rating, I will give it a solid 3 stars.
Love it...Although I...
December 20, 2014
Verified Purchase
Love it...Although I do tend to write a little slower with this unit. It is an excellent addition to my collection or MPs.
I was on the fence about...
October 1, 2014
Verified Purchase
I was on the fence about buying this pencil for almost 6 months. The only thing preventing me from giving this product a 5 star rating is the price. A quick search on amazon.jp can get you the previous model for nearly a fourth of this price. HOWEVER, for fellow stationary collectors, or for artists who prefer smaller, compact lines and a sleek grip, it is entirely worth the price. The body itself is much prettier in person, and although the size is much smaller than I predicted, it turned out to be incredibly comfortable. That might not be the case for someone with larger hands, I suppose. I think as someone mentioned before, the tip is extremely delicate. I haven't bent mine or anything, but did notice that the lead leans in the tip just a bit making it easy to break unless you use very light pressure and stroke in the right direction. The body has some serious weight to it, much more than you would think for something so small, so it may be too heavy for a shirt pocket or something like the sort. So far the body hasn't picked up any scratches from being jostled in a pencil bag either, so that may be something you don't have to worry about. All and all, a good durable buy.
Great Mechanical Pencil!!!...
May 22, 2010
Verified Purchase
Great Mechanical Pencil!!!
Pro Everything you could ask for from a pencil
Con The .3 tip is a little to thin one drop can badly hurt it's tip and bending it back is a pain
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