Platinum Smart Touch Gloves for Smartphones and Touch Screens - Purple

Platinum Smart Touch Gloves for Smartphones and Touch Screens - Purple

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These special Smart Touch Gloves allow you to navigate your smartphone without exposing your fingertips to chilly weather! They are especially convenient if you're outside in the cold and don't want to take your gloves off just to use your phone. The gloves contain special conductive fibers called Metax 2, developed by Japanese textile manufacturer Daiwabo. The fibers are integrated into all the fingertips, so your touch is transmitted to your device whether you're tapping, swiping, texting, or answering a call. The Black and Dark Blue gloves also feature a textured line pattern made of non-slip material on the palm and fingers of each glove, to ensure that your phone doesn't slide out of your hand. The Smart Touch gloves are great not only for phones, but also for other touch screen devices such as tablets and game players.

These washable gloves are one size, made of acrylic fiber, and can stretch to accommodate a range of hand sizes. Choose from a variety of designs and colors!

These are the Purple gloves. The photo showing the two gloves side-by-side and the photos showing a person wearing the gloves feature the Black & Gray gloves.

Care and caution:
Hand-wash the gloves with mild detergent, do not use bleach, and do not tumble-dry. Use of a screen protector on your device may decrease conducting strength. Do not do electrical work while wearing these gloves. Keep the gloves away from fire. If you experience redness, rash, itch, or other symptoms, stop use and seek medical advice.

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