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Create the beautiful sweeping strokes and tapers that characterize Asian writing with the Platinum Souhitsu Hanekofude Brush Pen! Easier to use than traditional brush pens, it feels as simple as using a regular felt tip pen. A challenge of using traditional brush pens is that the slightest up-and-down tip movements result in significant line variation, sometimes causing uncontrolled writing or drawing. The solution? This Souhitsu Hanekofude pen.

The small brush tip of this pen has a unique two-part structure. The portion at the very tip is soft while the section behind it is hard, allowing users of all skill levels to stay in control of the tip and write beautiful characters. It minimizes the effect of slight movements, helping you be more in control. Yet the soft, durable tip still allows you to create beautiful stroke variation. The tip also keeps ink volume in control, preventing unsightly ink blobs. The line width ranges from approximately 0.3 mm to 3.0 mm. The pen is great for addressing envelopes and writing diaries and other keepsake items.

This brush pen uses a water-based pigment carbon ink that is water-resistant and fade-resistant. It uses an ink cartridge, so refilling is a snap!

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It's an ok buy, - The...
September 7, 2014
Verified Purchase
It's an ok buy,
- The platinum carbon ink it uses is of quality and refillable
- Its a bit larger then the Zebra disposable medium brush which I enjoy + its line weights are very controllable but won't make anything smaller then a .4mm line unlike an actual brush which can give you pretty much whatever you want

I'm going to have to knock off one star though, my main complaint being that its pretty expensive for what you get
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I've had my eye on this...
March 22, 2016
Verified Purchase
I've had my eye on this for a while, since the brush tip looked extremely similar to my beloved Sailor Nagomi Fine brush pen.
It's nearly exactly like it. The lines can't get AS fine but very close. Either way you can get a nice fine line and and a nice mid width. Easy to control, easy to use. It's a very sturdy pen as well. I'm in love, this is my new favorite brush pen! If you'd like to give it a try of sorts I recommend trying out the disposable Sailor Nagomi Fine.
The pen is great for...
July 13, 2015
Verified Purchase
The pen is great for medium pressure folks. The ink tends to come out really quickly so it's not for the tentative artist, nor heavy-handed artists either. This would be best for loose sketching, gesture drawing, or inking larger works of art. Although it gets a good variety of lineweight, I wouldn't recommend it for detailed drawings. Still a wonderful quality ink pen.
My pen didn't work very...
April 23, 2015
Verified Purchase
My pen didn't work very well at first. I was getting hardly any ink flow. After further inspection, I discovered it wasn't assembled very well. The white brush portion wasn't fully inserted into the body of the pen. I pushed it in further and got some good ink flow. It does not seem to be a very "wet" pen like some other brush pens.
Full disclosure: I'm not an artist or calligrapher. I use this pen more like a highlighter than an art brush.
Package and price promises...
August 14, 2014
Verified Purchase
Package and price promises an awesome pen, but I'm not that happy with it. There's a lot of cheaper options and with better performance and ink.