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Prismacolor Wooden Pencil Sharpener

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Prismacolor Wooden Pencil Sharpener - SANFORD 24188
  • Prismacolor Wooden Pencil Sharpener - SANFORD 24188
  • Prismacolor Wooden Pencil Sharpener - SANFORD 24188
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This sharpener was specifically designed to sharpen soft colored pencil cores such as Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils. It has a steel blade and easy to clean small cone shape.

Model NumberSANFORD 24188
Weight0.9 ounces


March 12, 2011
Doesn't preform any better...
Doesn't preform any better than a normal pencil sharpener. It will still break your prismacolor's soft lead and waste a lot of your pencil. Also, because the pencil shavings holding area is so small, it gets clogged after sharpening maybe 2 pencils. NOT worth it when you can get another small pencil sharpener for half the price that does and equal or better job.

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January 7, 2011
I purchased this product...
I purchased this product to use on the 132 set of Prismacolor pencils I purchased. I assumed that because this sharpener was a Prismacolor product it would work wonders on my pencils. I was dead wrong. this sharpener ate up most of the wood of my pencils and in some cases it ended up breaking the led. Also, it never sharpened the pencils to a very sharp point. I had to resort to using my Mother's 20+ year old sharpener that is mounted on the wall and it works perfectly for my pencils.

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February 1, 2012
I'll go one further than...
I'll go one further than the others and say that this is the worst sharpener I've used period. This is not a pencil sharpener, It's a pencil destroyer. Purchase this if you're having trouble turning your prized artist set into a nice chunky pile of kindling for starting fires.

If Jetpens lets this review stick... then maybe purchase it to help JetPens out and get it off their shelf, then see if I'm lying (I'm not).

January 20, 2012
They are really crap...
They are really crap for prismacolor pencils ( the classic soft core premier ones) but they are pretty good for harder core pencils like verithins, derwent studio, I only brought this because I thought it would be good for my prismacolor 132 set

September 1, 2011
Sadly, I agree. I've...
Sadly, I agree. I've tried to believe it would get better over time, but this sharpener is the worst I've ever used for Prismacolors. Crazy considering Prismacolor made it.