Raymay BeansCut Mini Scissors - Green

Raymay BeansCut Mini Scissors - Green

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The brightly colored BeansCut is a shockingly tiny pair of scissors, plus a letter opener, all packaged in a cute and easy-to-hold bean shape. Ever find yourself in a sticky situation, in need of a cutting tool? This two-in-one gadget is perfect for those surprise on-the-go cutting needs! Use the scissors to snip through that difficult plastic wrapping, or remove tags and stray strings from your clothing. Simply push the slider to release or stow the top blade, and push down on the blade to cut. To open an envelope, slide it through the groove on the bottom of the BeansCut.

Use the handy chain to hang your BeansCut from your bags, pens, or key rings so you'll always have it on hand!

These scissors have a right-handed blade configuration. They can be used in either hand but may not cut as cleanly when used left-handed.

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This is incredibly tiny!...
December 6, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is incredibly tiny! Like half the size of my thumb. The scissors work really well for cutting little things like threads, tags, bands and the like. They're nice and sharp.
I got the blue one as a gift for someone else, and ended up buying another one for myself because the mail-opening component is GREAT. I fail miserably at opening envelopes, but no more! I have this on my desk and no longer open my mail with anything else. Love it.

The chain portion is unbelievably fine and delicate looking. I wouldn't trust it on a keychain or bag, but I have it threaded through a pen clip and it's nice and safe.

Really nifty little gift, and a fantastic letter-opener!
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Had these just over six...
January 28, 2016
Verified Purchase
Had these just over six months when the button securing the scissor blade broke off in the closed position - and this was after the scissor blade's stiffness became stickyness and the scissor function was difficult at best to operate. Chain also broke eventually. I still use the letter opener feature (solid knife-shaped ones are so expensive :/), but I'm eyeing the Ohto ceramics to replace this entirely: the hidden blade in the BeansCut often just crumples the edges of envelopes instead of slipping into the narrow opening between body and foldover; and it can only barely manage standard envelopes (think the kind that comes with greeting cards). It's most useful with lighter weights (in other words, the kind you get bills in...not much of a recommendation if the product only opens unhappy/boring mail!)

The ceramics look like they're much less fuss; no fiddly insertion required, just put envelope into slot and slice away. I already have the pen-shaped cutter and it works reasonably well - even when it doesn't cut all the way through, the scoring makes it much easier to separate.

Still gets two stars for being hella cute - and it did work for a while. If they were just a bit cheaper then I wouldn't feel so bad buying them as throwaways; as it is, they're probably okay as gifts for people who like tiny cute things but don't actually use them much. They really aren't sturdy enough to keep on a keychain (that's how the chain and the button broke on mine), but tucked into a small compartment of a purse or pen case they'd be alright and likely last a lot longer...if you're JUST using them to cut stray threads and the odd price tag, and open your bills.
Too small, makes for...
November 13, 2015
Verified Purchase
Too small, makes for a poor letter opener. Good for other purposes.
Hmmm, I really want to...
June 13, 2015
Verified Purchase
Hmmm, I really want to rate this more generously--because heavens it's so teeny and precious-- but ultimately I find it to be overpriced and I am not getting the use from it that I initially anticipated. I never intended to regularly use the letter opener feature...which is a good thing as you kinda have to hold your tongue just right. Hubby of course believed it to be user error, but he was no more successful than I. The piece is just too delicate for the kind of 'slice' most people want their letter openers to achieve. As for the scissors, the reason for my ultimate purchase, they require a little practice to master. They're a tad stuff and only one blade extends. They're ideal for a cutting a very short line or for snipping off a price tag or other flimsy material. But cutting basic shapes or anything that requires precision? Nope. Perhaps it's just my clumsy hands but the use here is limited. They do however fit most beautifully in my Moleskine XS travel case, affixed to the key ring feature. So for crafts on the go (in my case, mini Fuji Instax decoration) these work just OK. And just OK equals an anemic 3 star review. Also, be sure to keep these away from the little ones and the chain can easily break and the blade just sharp enough to cause some damage!
ella kwint