Raymay BeansCut Mini Scissors - Pink

Raymay BeansCut Mini Scissors - Pink

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The brightly colored BeansCut is a shockingly tiny pair of scissors, plus a letter opener, all packaged in a cute and easy-to-hold bean shape. Ever find yourself in a sticky situation, in need of a cutting tool? This two-in-one gadget is perfect for those surprise on-the-go cutting needs! Use the scissors to snip through that difficult plastic wrapping, or remove tags and stray strings from your clothing. Simply push the slider to release or stow the top blade, and push down on the blade to cut. To open an envelope, slide it through the groove on the bottom of the BeansCut.

Use the handy chain to hang your BeansCut from your bags, pens, or key rings so you'll always have it on hand!

These scissors have a right-handed blade configuration. They can be used in either hand but may not cut as cleanly when used left-handed.

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I bought this primarily...
February 3, 2016
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I bought this primarily for the letter opener. It does not work well for me. The scissors are fine for a small task. Would not buy again.