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June 4, 2013
I chose black because...
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I chose black because I was afraid of getting a nice color all dirty, and I didn't like the way the others' black zipper lining conflicted with the rest of the case's color. The zipper is incredibly smooth, and adds style as well as functionality. The size of it is average but since it's two sided it makes for much better organization, and you feel like you can fill it all the way up because you won't need to dig through 12 pens just to find one specific thing, but rather you'll be digging through 6 on either side. The zip pull itself is a nice, weighted metal so it doesn't feel cheap at all. One thing not shown here is that the separation in the middle isn't complete- at each far end there is a tiny bit of a gap. This doesn't bother me at all, but if you were to hold a replacement mechanical pencil's eraser, for example, it might escape into the other side. (I just wanted to include that because it's a tiny detail not mentioned~) This case has been very nice thus far, if there's anything more I need to add to this review, I will do so, but I think this case is great! The selling point for me was the heightened organization you can achieve with two separated sides. [:

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January 26, 2015
Well made, sturdy, with...
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Well made, sturdy, with easy to use zippers. For those who like a stand-up pencil case, this is an excellent one!

November 29, 2014
Great case. I really...
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Great case. I really like that the sides are padded.

August 22, 2014
Love this pencil case,...
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Love this pencil case, the material, the color. The zipper is great too. It's small but big enough to fit my essentials. I also love that I can organize my utensils with the double zipper.!