Raymay Fluorescent Board Marker Pen - 2 mm - White

Raymay Fluorescent Board Marker Pen - 2 mm - White

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These multisurface markers can write on white boards, black boards, glass and acrylic. Paint wipes clean with a wet cloth or dry felt eraser. Ideal for writing eye-catching specials for restaurants and cafés.

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I have a black glass...
October 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have a black glass marker board, and have tried several different brands of markers on it. This is the only white marker I've found that is as reliable and clear on black glass as a black pen is on a whiteboard. Nothing else even close.
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This marker is wonderful....
October 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
This marker is wonderful. I use it to plot novels on my vintage-1960s chalkboard. It's great because I can put my hand on top of what I've already written and as long as it's dry, the marks don't move like normal chalk would. And even when I leave the "ink" on the chalkboard for 3 months, it still erases easily with a couple of swipes of a wet sponge. (It looks like it's ghosting at first, i.e. leaving stains where you wrote, but give it another couple of swipes and that goes away. To erase older marks, I'll generally go over with a large wet sponge first, then use a towel/rag to wipe over the wet, and that clears everything.)

These always write when I need them to; they've never dried up on me like the other brand I've tried (Crafty Croc).

Highly recommended for any of your chalkboard needs.
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