Raymay Handy Mini Microscope - Green

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Anywhere, anytime, you can take in close-up observations of your surroundings with this lime green Raymay portable mini microscope. The main magnifying glass lets you see with up to 15x magnification, and there are two tiny flashlights. A UV light can help you discover things that the human eye can't see in regular light, while an LED light can conveniently illuminates dark areas from two different light source angles. Both kids and adults can use this pocket sized gadget to explore fascinating microscopic worlds!
Model NumberRAYMAY RXT123M
Weight1.2 ounces

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Amazing little thing...
January 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
Amazing little thing for the price!

There was no reviews, but this thing looked super cute so I was on the fence for a few months about buying it. Then one day I just said "what's $16?" and went for it. I'm glad I did!

For this price of course, you're not going to be observing nanostructures in the wild - rather, it behaves like a powerful magnifying glass. Enough to see cool details in objects from your everyday surroundings. The fact that it has 2 LEDs to shine light from 2 different angles + a UV lamp is very neat. The focus dial doesn't change much for me, but whatever.

As far as using it, it took me a few minutes to totally get it: the clear part has to be actually pressing against the surface you wish to observe, and then you stick your eye on the top lens. Because it is so small, it is tempting to hold it at a distance from the object you want to observe - but nope, you have to go for it.

Awesome item, cool colors. Would be a perfect gift for a nerdy/curious kid, or for an adult like me who likes geeky toys.
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