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I, too, bought one of...
November 27, 2013
I, too, bought one of these pencils for the thick lead and cool design. Within a few weeks, the advancing mechanisms inside the pencil quit working. I bought a second one, thinking I just had a dud. NOPE. The second one quit also.
Very disappointing. I contacted the company to complain and never heard back. Save your money.
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I love the Retro 51 1.15mm...
April 2, 2014
I love the Retro 51 1.15mm pencils. I'm a graphic artist/cartoonist and own three. They all perform flawlessly. I also discovered that an extra lead or two can be stored in the shaft, underneath the eraser - very handy with the one that stays clipped in my shirt throughout the day. The advance mechanism is rock solid; much better than their old .07mm pencils. And the Retro 51 comes with a real eraser that doesn't wear out after a couple of line touch ups. Thanks, kozmo18
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I like the old 0.046...
July 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
I like the old 0.046 inch size lead, or 1.15 mm. You can still get old pencils and old leads in this size, and I have some, but this is the old modern one I know of. I don't know if the lead size is exactly the same, haven't tested the old leads in this pencil, or the modern Retro 51 leads in the old ones. It feels like writing with the same size, however, and the HB leads that Retro 51 sells are a good match for what I want. I use it to write, not draw, although like anyone I might doodle a bit.

It's also a very attractive pencil. The propelling mechanism works very smoothly. It has a nice heft to it without being too heavy. The enclosed leads just glide over the paper, leaving a mark that's neither too faint or too dark (in my opinion, obviously). Besides the one in the pencil there's a 12 pack of extras. Unlike other mechanical pencils you might be used to, this one only holds one lead at a time, which has to be fed in from the tip. So if you think you might be about to use up the current one, you should carry the spares with you, or a second pencil. That's the only real disadvantage I've found.

There's also a tube of 6 extra erasers, which should last a long time. The black eraser on this model erases without smudging the paper, although of course there are crumbs. The metal storage tube that came with it is too nice to throw away, I use it to hold the extra leads and erasers, and the users guide.

Probably this is the only time I'll pay $30 for a pencil, but I just like having one that is visibly nicer than the others, and I like that it uses this "old fashioned" size of lead.
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Best pencil I have ever...
May 30, 2013
Best pencil I have ever owned. I am not an amateur pen and pencil user. I have used pencils of all kinds over the years. This is my favorite. The lead size is perfect, it flows beautifully, and looks killer. It is almost perfect. Great pencil.
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it broke, already and...
May 6, 2013
Verified Purchase
it broke, already and i dont use often only a few conventions, doing sketches!

the twisting to put out the lead its not working!

i wish i can return it or exchange it!

i like it when it was working, cuz the thick lead, u can do nice cartoony sketches!
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All good....
February 12, 2015
Verified Purchase
All good.
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