Retro 51 Tornado Fountain Pen - Black Acrylic EXT - Medium Nib

Retro 51 Tornado Fountain Pen - Black Acrylic EXT - Medium Nib

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If you're looking for a pen with a classic look, the Retro 51 Tornado Fountain Pen is for you. The Black Acrylic pen has a lacquer finish over a brass body with chrome accents and features an iridium-tipped steel Schmidt fountain pen nib. This pen includes one Retro 51 fountain pen converter and two black ink cartridges. The "EXT" in the name stands for "extended" and indicates that the barrel is long enough to hold a converter, one standard international long ink cartridge, or two standard international short ink cartridges.

The pen comes in cushioned tube packaging. The package design may differ from the photos.

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Overpriced when compared...
April 8, 2016
Verified Purchase
Overpriced when compared to the Pilot Metropolitan.

I purchased the Tornado fountain pen, mainly, to match the black mechanical pencil and capless rollerball that I already own.

-The nib unit of the "EXT" fountain pen is manufactured by Schmidt in Germany and it is excellent. The nib is smooth and the flow is wet, plus the nib unit is easily interchangeable. It's exactly the same nib unit that was on early Bexley fountain pens like the Simplicity.
-The Tornado fountain pen accepts international-sized cartridges and also comes with a decent converter that works properly.
-The cap posts nicely to the barrel and the EXT barrel is long enough so the pen can be used un-posted.

-The cap and barrel threads are plastic and do not seem sturdy. I am concerned that breakage can easily occur.
-The barrel seems to be, mainly, made of plastic.
-The barrel fits much too tightly to the grip section. It was necessary for me to use rubberized gripping material to unscrew the barrel from the grip section! I put some silicone lubricant on the threads, in an attempt to make it easier to change cartridges or to fill the converter, but that didn't help much. It is still difficult to unscrew the barrel from the grip section with my bare hands. The only advantage to having the barrel fit so tightly to the grip section would be that a person wouldn't inadvertently unscrew the barrel from the section when unscrewing the barrel from the cap, but that's not a big advantage.

I would not recommend the black "EXT" Retro 1951 Tornado fountain pen unless a person absolutely wanted a matching writing instrument. I don't feel this pen is worth the price since it's only advantages are the interchangeable Schmidt nib units and the pens ability to accept a wide-range of international/Montblanc-sized cartridges. Although Pilot fountain pens mainly accept Pilot proprietary cartridges, I think a Pilot Metropolitan is a much better pen for the money.