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5 for asthetics. 5 for...
December 30, 2012
Verified Purchase
5 for asthetics. 5 for writing experience (for a ballpoint - 4 in comparison to Fountain Pens). When it was brand new, it would lay down a very dark black wet line but not as good as a really good fountain pen. It is a pretty saturated ink. For a ballpoint, it is pretty good. 3 for bulletproofness (just a water test). If you drop water, it will bleed all over the place, but if you continually run water over it, the surface level ink will wash off, and then you are left with gray lines that are still visible. And a 2-3 for cartridge drying out prematurely or really hard to get going after it hasn't been used for a while. I shook it at least a dozen times and I am finally getting good flow on it. But after a few sentences, I find myself having to shake it some more. I've only had the pen 2 months.
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I really enjoy this pen,...
June 25, 2014
Verified Purchase
I really enjoy this pen, though it's heavier than I had expected. I replaced the default cartridge with a slightly slimmer black Parker refill, and it's nice but I'd still like something with a finer line than 0.6 mm! Also, the body of this pen seems to be attached backwards: there's a gap in the filigree pattern that seems like it'd be a good place for the clip to rest without disrupting the pretty flowers--then on the exact opposite side, where the clip actually is located, the pattern flows right across. I can see in the Jetpens image that the gap isn't under the clip on the stock pen, either. Wonder if this was on purpose?
This has been one of...
May 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
This has been one of my primary writers for about four months, and it remains my favorite pen in the hand. The rollerball floats along on a smooth cushion of ink, lots of ink. So much ink that it's not the best for paper that is prone to bleed or show-through. But the result is a solid, bold black line with very consistent flow. The knurled 'cap' to open or close is nice and solid, and the body is satisfying distressed metal that doesn't leave your hand smelling like you've been jingling loose change.

Only real gripe is that the internals rattle a tiny bit of you hold it wrong. If I hold it with the clip on the left side up against my thumb, it is nice and solid. But rotated counter-clockwise a bit and there is a little click and a tiny bit of 'give' every time you hit or lift off the paper. Not enough to interfere with writing at all, but just enough to break the experience.
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