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Retro 51 Tornado Touch Ballpoint Pen + Stylus - Black - RETRO 51 ASBP-1301
So I've always loved the look of the Retro 51 and have a green one but its a bit heavy for my hand and the refills are too wide for my handwriting.

The Tornado Touch fixes both those problems. It is light and nice to use as a quick note jotter. The mustache is quirky and gets a smile every time someone notices it. I immediately swapped out for a gel refill and the screw mechanism came out quickly and was easy to manipulate. No issues with the stylus, played (and won!) the level of Plague I was stuck on. So definite win for the pen.

My only heartburn is with the twist mechanism. It is not particularly smooth and frequently I untwist the cap instead of retracting the pen nib. My guess is that the stylus makes a traditional knock imprac...

About Retro 51

Retro 51 abides by the motto that "Life is too short to carry an ugly pen!" The company is based in Dallas, Texas, and produces fashionable gift items that combine modern design with vintage quality.