Rhodia Webnotebook - 5.5" X 8.25" - 96 Sheets - Lined - Orange - Bundle of 2

Rhodia Webnotebook - 5.5" X 8.25" - 96 Sheets - Lined - Orange - Bundle of 2

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The Moleskine notebook seems to be a popular style and now Rhodia has produced its own version. This hardbound leatherette notebook has 96 lined sheets wrapped in a compact and sturdy cover. Measures 5.5 x 8.25 inches and is great to journal and brainstorm in.

Notebook features:
- Soft, supple covers in iconic Rhodia design
- Discreet embossed logo
- Inside pocket for notes, cards
- Smooth ruled paper
- Elastic closure
- Slim and easy to carry

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Total price if bought separately: $49.00
You save: $11.00

Customer Reviews

The pricing is for 2...
July 19, 2011
The pricing is for 2 notebooks... And they are very very good notebooks at that.

Don't pay attention to any pretentious rants here about capitalism. Especially if the person who wrote them cannot be bothered read the product description.
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Previous reviewer disparages...
June 20, 2011
Previous reviewer disparages the Ivy league, yet fails to comprehend the "bundle of 2" concept. May be a sign to switch to the black version of this terrific notebook.
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Suggested retail price...
April 23, 2013
Suggested retail price for these notebooks is $25.00USD each, they are not locally available anywhere I've been and the best prices I can find online are generally at least $6.00 more for two and shipping is additional of course. Rhodia notebooks are on par with Quo Vadis another brand that uses Clairefontaine paper and these two brands are the best notebooks I have found for use with fountain pens and various inks. If you do not use fountain pens you may not be as hard pressed to pay so much for a notebook as Moleskine is sufficient for pen and ballpoints but the craftsmanship is far superior with Rhodia and they are fairly priced here.
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I love this notebook,...
May 13, 2011
I love this notebook, actually I don't believe there is a better one out there. But Jetpens is OUT OF THEIR MINDS WITH THIS PRICING. I buy them over priced at the Container store for $18.00. That is a total of $36 for 2. Is Jetpens really selling 1 for almost twice as much and then trying to give you a deal for charging more than anywhere else for 2 and posing it as a good deal. I am really disappointed. Almost enough to not buy from them again. I believe this is taking advantage of there customers who might not know of this product and therefore don't look elsewhere. Yeah I know it is their stupidity and not Jetpens responsibility. F-that I believe companies need to be ethical in order to be worth anything and they need to only sell something if they are being of service and improving the lives of their customers. Capitalism doesn't mean rip off your customer, that is why people are believing socialism is the only way, we can't trust people will do the right thing. Leave it up to a few Ivy league wanna be business people to be the rip off artist. Good luck with your successes.
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