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Rikagaku Dustless Chalk - 6 Color Set

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Rikagaku Dustless Chalk - 6 Color Set - RIKAGAKU DCC-6-6C
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Six color set includes blue, brown, green, purple, red, and yellow chalk.

Do you remember the old school days where you would hit a chalkboard eraser on the board and “Pouff!” out comes a cloud of white dust? This new chalk addresses that problem with its natural calcium carbonate composition made from scallop shells. The particles are heavier, creating less dust. In addition, the calcium carbonate lasts twice as long as chalk plaster, making them more economical. JetPens finds dust still gets on your fingers when using this chalk, but is not as airborne as standard chalk. We are dedicated to providing our teacher customers with healthier, more fun writing alternatives!

The manufacturer of this product, Japan Rikagaku Industry, was established in 1937 on the belief that every human being needs to “be loved, be useful, be praised and be needed”. The company chose to manufacture chalk made from calcium carbonate because there was an indication that teachers who used chalk had a higher probability of tuberculosis than others. In 1953, the resulting dustless chalk was the only one approved by the Educational Ministry of Japan. In their two factories, Rikagaku employs people often overlooked by society. In the Kawasaki factory, there are 48 employees in total: 22 severe mentally-disabled people and 9 mildly mentally disabled people. In the Misaki factory, there are 28 employees in total: 13 severe mentally-disabled people and 9 mildly mentally disabled people. The company has a model blend of environmental and people friendly management policies.

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Model NumberRIKAGAKU DCC-6-6C
Weight2.6 ounces


February 28, 2011
I recommend this product...
Verified Purchase
I recommend this product not only because it is eco-friendly BUT this company happens to be one of the few that gives jobs to the mentally challenged. More than half of their staff are mentally challenged. I watched a very motivational documentary on this company, and was so touched by the hard efforts put into making these chalks, and how the company's president is a very compassionate man who goes around the country encouraging other companies to share his views on helping open doors for the mentally disabled. A truly WORTH-IT product :)

4 people found this helpful
August 4, 2010
Very nice chalk. I teach...
Verified Purchase
Very nice chalk. I teach undergraduate economics, and the intense colors make it is easy for students to distinguish a blue line from a purple line from the back of the class. A bit harder to erase than cheap chalk, but totally worth it.

3 people found this helpful
May 5, 2010
I am using it on the...
Verified Purchase
I am using it on the wall, for murals, and it is wonderful, my fingers clean, lines sharp, easy to correct- erase. I love the holder, comfortable, light, responds to every move. I love it and very happy with dustless chalk.

2 people found this helpful
December 4, 2009
This chalk is awesome....
Verified Purchase
This chalk is awesome. Not only is it dustless but the colors are as bright and bold as they appear in the package. Way better than traditional colored chalk.

2 people found this helpful
January 11, 2015
This chalk is wonderful....
Verified Purchase
This chalk is wonderful. My kids were having an issue with regular chalk writing on their chalkboard. I thought I was going to have to buy chalkboard paint and maybe refinish their chalkboard...that I paid a lot for. However, this chalk seems to write on it just fine!! Yay! So, I stocked up!!!