Rikagaku Kitpas Wet-Erase Crayon - Large - 12 Color Set

Rikagaku Kitpas Wet-Erase Crayon - Large - 12 Color Set

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Let your creativity flow with the Rikagaku Kitpas wet-erase crayons! Delightfully innovative, these crayons are sure to please people of all ages, especially kids. The crayons are soft for smooth, easy drawing, and you can use them in a variety of ways. Draw on paper, windows, whiteboards, and other surfaces. The crayons can be erased from non-porous surfaces such as glass, plastic, bathtubs, and whiteboards (not blackboards) by just wiping with a wet cloth. Make sure to test if it's erasable in an inconspicuous area first. You can also use them as watercolor paints by adding water or applying with a waterbrush!

These paper-wrapped crayons are wide and fat, so they're easy to hold and don't break easily. Each crayon is 3.7 inches (9.4 cm) long and 0.6 inches (1.5 cm) in diameter. The crayons are made of materials that are safe for kids and the environment, mainly consisting of paraffin (used in lipstick).

The case serves multiple functions. Under the lid is a drawing space where you can practice drawing and then simply erase with a wet cloth when you're done. At the edge of the crayon tray is a small partition that serves as a palette, where you can easily transform your crayons into paints by adding water! The case is held shut with an elastic band to ensure the crayons stay secure.

This set contains 12 crayons: White, Pink, Red, Orange, Pale Orange, Yellow, Yellow Green, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Brown, and Black.

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