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7 out of 8 people found the following review helpful
  I've only had this pencil..., April 14, 2011
I've only had this pencil for a few days,
but I am already absolutely in love with it!
At fifteen dollars, and perhaps having a previous reviewer's comment in mind,
I thought this pencil would look and feel cheap in person.
However, what I experienced is that the pencil feels great
and vastly more expensive than the asking price.
Moreover, I think it has plenty of weight to it.
I must admit that when I received it, I kept checking the label disbelievingly
to see if they sent me the 600 or 800 by mistake because the material feels like metal.
In terms of design, the rotring series is unparalleled.
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  For being the little..., February 4, 2011
For being the little brother to the Rotring 600, this pencil leaves nothing to be desired. Everything is identical with the exception of the weight, and even still it's not a huge difference. The pencil gives off this aura of fine german engineering, it's just plastic instead of metal. They may have used a cheaper material but they didn't skimp on the fitting. No rattling, no bending, 100% solid feel while writing. And I just love the very visible tip of the Rotrings. This is probably one of the best pencils available in terms of quality and engineering.
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  This is a fantastic value...., January 14, 2012
By jne...
This is a fantastic value. I have the Rotring 600, and I actually prefer the 500. It is lighter, yes, but I find the plastic barrel more comfortable in the hand. This is a solid pencil and I highly recommend it.
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  i just got this pencil..., December 29, 2011
By ck-...
i just got this pencil a couple of days ago, and i gotta say im loving it, im an artist and functionality along with style is a must, and this has both.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I bought this pen on..., August 25, 2011
By par...
I bought this pen on a recommendation and I must say the more I use it the more I am pleased with this purchase. It sits well in the hand, consistently draws and writes well on all surfaces and is weighted well for long writing and/or drawing sessions.

If it came in another colour, I'd buy another.
  I feel uncomfortable..., August 10, 2014
I feel uncomfortable buying a pencil that costs more than $20 when I intend on really using it. That prevents the Rotring 600 from being an edc option for me. Thankfully, the Rotring 500 exists. Everything that you touch on this pencil is made of metal. The mechanism is metal, and the knurled metal grip is very comfortable and secure. Clicking the Rotring 500's mechanism requires more travel than most other mechanical pencils, but it is solid, feels good, and is very satisfying. Lead is held securely by a 3-jawed brass clutch. The black finish is fantastic and pictures don't do it justice. The clip is sturdy and secure, but removing it makes the pencil look funny. Thankfully, I like having a clip on my pencil. The hexagonal body is wider than the grip, unlike the Pentel Graphgear 500, which keeps the pencil from rolling away. I prefer clicking lead indicators, but the lead indicator on the Rotring 500 is secure and clean looking. It looks great paired with its twin, the Koh-I-Noor Rapidomatic.

One note: The eraser cap pictured has the lead diameter imprinted on it, but the cap on the pencil I received has a hole instead of an imprint. I like both styles of cap, but not everyone feels the same.
  This model does not come..., June 21, 2014
By tit...
This model does not come with the all-metal,brass body, such as that on the Rotring 600,800, and, 800+ models. However, this pencil is not cheap feeling at all and still has a good weight. Originally, I actually bought the 800 model but returned it because it was too heavy. After I bought this one I was alot happier, and although it is not considered the top of the line, it still is a very respectable drafting mechanical pencil and worth every dollar.
  This is easily the best..., July 3, 2013
By dp0707
This is easily the best pencil that I have used thus far. It's quite versatile, while remaining in a comfortable price range. I first wrote with this in march of 2012, and it has remained in my pocket every day since. I use this for fine writing in notebooks and sketching alike, it stands up to both tasks easily. The only downside it that, if you plan to pocket it- the metal nib is a tad flimsy. About two months after I got it, a work accident rendered the nib bent- after a few minutes of trying to bend it back and attempting to get the graphite to feed through, I decided that it was dead. In a last act of desperation, I snapped the nib off; it turns out that was the best thing that I could have done, even after this (and a few more years) the pencil still writes perfectly.
  Love this drafting pencil...., October 17, 2012
Love this drafting pencil. The grip is nice similar to ALVIN but has a stronger body.
  The pencil looks very..., October 5, 2012
By ale...
The pencil looks very cool unfortunately for me it feels cheap. The pencil is very lightweight I'm used to write with a heavier type of pencil. It does also feel very fragile especially the tip.
  Barrel is high quality..., August 18, 2012
By mkb...
Barrel is high quality plastic.. metal knurled grip. precise handling. great for fine work.
  I got 2 of these as a..., March 4, 2012
By jac...
I got 2 of these as a replacement for my Koh-I-Noor rapidmatic which finally broke. This pencil looks awesome but doesn't come close to the koh-i-noor. The two biggest differences are the lack of the nice low center of gravity and the knurling grip is slippery in comparison. Wish I had tried the Alvin but still like it in my "collection".
  Ever since I've been..., February 7, 2012
By the...
Ever since I've been retroverting back from typing on a laptop for the past 5 years to writing notes using a pen and paper, I've been on a quest to find a "fabled" good pencil. In the recent months I've been using some Ohto, Zebra, Pentel pencils purchased from Jetpens or in the stationary section of Japanese stores around me. After reading on how well-weighted, balanced and well-constructed Rotring pencils were on various reviews I decided to jump on the wagon and try a few of them out. After a few weeks with the 800, 600, and 500 I must say the one I end up using the most is the 500. Why? The 500 is solidly-built despite the plastic body and I find the weight balanced superior to the Pentel Graphgear 1000 (my previous favorite). At the end of the day I can write more without fatigue due it being lighter than the 600 and if someone decides to steal least they didn't steal my 600 or 800 that I intend keep strictly at home.
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  what is the difference..., September 18, 2011
what is the difference between this and the Rotring 600? Plz explain
1 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  The tip is the weak point..., February 10, 2011
The tip is the weak point on this pen. You will eventually drop the pen,and when you do you will weaken the tip. When it breaks it will be useless since the lead snap off no matter how short you draw it out. Rotring makes much better pencils. If you really like the design, make sure the tip is protected.