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I meant to say that The...
October 27, 2011
I meant to say that The platinum pro-use II looks much thicker than my rotring's grip, which I why I just ordered one. But still I really enjoy the look and feel of the silver .35 rotring.
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the rotring 600 is one...
November 23, 2014
Verified Purchase
the rotring 600 is one of the best pencils I've ever had. it has a look and feel unlike any other drafting pencil I've tried. sure it's a bit on the pricey side, but you're paying for the professional quality. the only thing that i don't like is the hole at the top of the knock button that shows off the eraser. it's not a big problem for me, but i figured you should know.
Absolutely in love. I...
March 25, 2014
Verified Purchase
Absolutely in love. I bought this to do organic chemistry problem sets and other problems, and I LOVE it. Took the advice and got the 2B lead, I couldn't be happier. Well worth the outlay.
Higher end of the scale...
March 11, 2014
Verified Purchase
Higher end of the scale in terms of weight, quality, and of course most notably the price. It has been a great addition to my collection. I own the .35mm and .5 black variants.
This pencil delivers...
February 10, 2014
Verified Purchase
This pencil delivers all that's needed in a mechanical pencil, ONLY what's needed, and it takes every little detail to perfection. From tip to cap:

- The lead sleeve is sturdy and perfectly visible at all times;
- In conjunction with Pentel's high quality lead, the precise mechanism and sleeve hold the lead well, do not wobble or shear the lead and allow fine writing with spectacular endurance*;
- The mechanism is not clicky (to my slight disappointment) but it is very tactile and precise;
- The knurled grip completely eliminates slip without being biting or grating**;
- The lead sleeve and grip assembly is replaceable, so this pencil will follow you for life even if you manage to jam it or break the sturdy lead sleeve;
- The hexagonal body is stylish and practical in that it keeps the pencil from rolling;
- The clip is low-profile, bendable yet strong;
- The lead grade indicator has just the right amount of friction so it's easy to set and won't drift away;
- The cap fits between the barrel and the body using a simple yet ingenious little protruding strip of metal that bends when you insert the cap.

I used 0.9mm for over 5 years and decided to take a big plunge into extra-fine writing. I am SO GLAD I did. This pencil, in combination with the lead I chose, Pentel Ain Stein 0.3mm B grade, smoothly creates dark, crisp, smudge-resistant lines. It is truly writing paradise.

*: With 0.8mm of lead extended (two clicks), I apply as much pressure as I used to on 0.9mm and it doesn't even come close to breaking. I had my dad try it, he who is used to writing huge letters in wooden pencils which are practically indestructible in comparison to mechanical pencil lead, and he had no issues at all. I can write very legible text with a full centimeter of lead extended (!!!!!) while most people I know use cheapass 0.5mm lead and a dollar pencil and their leads are exploding constantly. Sucks to be them!

** A little trick for picking up little specks of dust from the grip is to use a soft eraser and just press it against the area where a speck of dust got stuck, without rubbing (rubbing intently with your finger or an eraser will make it worse). The dust will adhere to the eraser and you can keep your grip nice and black. Wipe your eraser and repeat as needed.
Best pen ever! Far superiour...
August 12, 2013
Verified Purchase
Best pen ever! Far superiour to the Pentel Graphgear series. I've tried all kinds of versions of them and this is playing in it's own league.
Excellent in all ways....
April 19, 2013
Verified Purchase
Excellent in all ways. I'll list my shortcomings:

1. Thin lead like this breaks easily and wears quickly, so I switched from Rotring HB lead, to Ain Stein 2B. While it is softer and still wears quickly, the darker line means I don't have to apply as much pressure, and so the lead doesn't break nearly as often. I'd recommend a 2B lead for this thickness.

2. As with the other Rotring 600's, the weight balance is neutral, and I prefer more weight near the tip. But this is a matter of preference.

3. I'm always afraid I'll damage the tip.
This drafting pencil...
October 7, 2012
Verified Purchase
This drafting pencil truly lives up to it's hype. It fits comfortably in my hands and has a nice feel to it. It's heavy and solid, but very well balanced. I'm heavy-handed and I grip my pencils firmly (almost with an iron grip!) when I write or draw. I've been looking to break this habit, and surprisingly enough, the weight of this drafting pencil combats that perfectly. I've only been using it for a few days since I got it, but I now write and draw with a lighter hand, as the weighted pencil does the work for me! The tip is strong, and it glides smoothly across the paper. I haven't had any problems with lead breakage at all (due to being heavy-handed) so I'm extremely satisfied and am looking to invest in the other sizes in the future!
Years ago I had a Japanese...
May 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
Years ago I had a Japanese made .3mm Koh-i-Noor and it was the most amazing pencil I had ever used - it traveled with me for many years. Sadly, I dropped it and the Chinese made Koh-i-Noor was absolutely no comparison. In the years since then, I have used old .5mm and .9mm Koh-i-Noors (both Japanese) and struggled my way through.

I never sought to replace the pencil after the initial Chinese failings because I had serviceable (though not wholly enjoyable) replacements and my job requirements took me from pen and ink to keys and mice.

Now, I spend amazing amounts of time with paper in hand: I needed a replacement! So...I threw caution to the wind and with fear, I plopped down the $33 for the pencil.

Now, I said all of that to provide context for my commentary: Wow! The feel of the pencil in-hand is awesome. If you are a "wooden pencil" kind of person, this beast will not satisfy. The balance is awesome. If you have delicate hands, this pencil may not satisfy. The feed is precise and doesn't gum-up with 2B (which can be a problem with other .3mm pencils). For me, the combination of the .3mm size and the super soft 2B allows me to use a feather-light touch to get precise, tiny and dark lines.

If you are a drafting pencil junky, you need this pencil. probably already know that. (-:
I have the .35 mm Rotring...
October 27, 2011
I have the .35 mm Rotring 600 in black and silver. One thing to note is that the finish on the silver Rotring is much smoother. Also, the my black knurled grip tends to get noticeably dirtier than the silver grip, although this is a minor nuance. The pencil itself is very solid with little play. I've even taken a lit match to the body of both Rotrings (don't ask).

It is by far the heaviest writing utensil I own, and I wish the grip was a bit thicker. I find my hand cramping a bit after extended the Platinum Pro-Use II which I just ordered. Otherwise, this pencil is very cool yet professional looking, and should be great for drafting. Personally, I've used it for detailed Japanese and math work. I don't even bother with the tiny eraser, as the Mitsubishi boxy eraser does an amazing job.

Overall, this pencil is clean and modern with some serious craftmanship...I'm hoping to compare it to the Steadtler 925 and Platinum Pro-Use II very soon. In other words, you should probably get it.
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