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16 out of 17 people found the following review helpful
  Just got a new Rotring..., June 19, 2011
Just got a new Rotring 600 for Father's Day! I'm so excited to finally have one, but so scared to use it at the same time! Everything about the pencil is awesome; it's just that sleeve that is oh so fragile that has me watching every move with this pencil.

The weight is a little more than I'm used to with my other plastic barreled pencils, but I'm getting used to it. I absolutely love the metal knurled grip. The pencil is a little thinner than I thought it would be which is a bonus, because I love thin barreled pencils!

All in all this pencil takes the cake. Precision engineering and design, with a quality name.

It's a shame that all the good quality pencils are made and sold in other countries; and all the sloppy plastic crap is sold here in the U.S. I'm so glad Jetpens is there to bridge that gap for us American pen/pencil fanatics.

Keep up the good work JetPens!
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  Creates instant jealousy..., March 1, 2011
Creates instant jealousy from coworkers and fellow students. Holds lead firmly, and feels like it was made with the same precision and attention given to a rifle. Lead extension is solid and consistent, and makes me actually want to do my homework because I get to use it!

Only complaint is the eraser size, but i just carry around a Pentel click erase, and that takes care of that.

Also, i thought is pencil was bigger than it actually is. it's pretty small.

all that said i would buy it again in a heartbeat
6 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  I just received my black..., February 26, 2011
By mat...
I just received my black 600 today. I ordered it as soon as I noticed they were back in stock a few days ago. Just got it yesterday! Super fast shipping (I used the free standard).

As for the pencil itself, it's lovely. I disagree with those that said it was too heavy for extended writing and work. I just worked 5 hours of differential equations homework and it was a joy to use. Don't get me wrong, it's not a lightweight pencil, but it sits very comfortably in my hand. It's very solid, and I can just tell it's going to last me years.

I like the finish of the black. It's not smooth metal, it has almost a powdercoat feeling, a slightly rough matte feel. The grip is not overly-rough in my opinion. The points of the knurling are flat, and it feels solidly planted in my hand.

I use Pentel Ain High-Polymer lead in it (HB) and it performs flawlessly. Nice and dark and no breakage. It feeds nice, with a satisfying "snick" as the lead advances. The mechanism feels very solid, and advances consistently.

A quality pencil well worth the money. The only down side I can see would be the guide pipe possibly breaking (as others have said.) I am careful with my things, however, and this shouldn't be a problem.
5 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  Oh my, this is an absolutely..., November 4, 2011
By jas...
Oh my, this is an absolutely lovely pencil. Writing with it is pure joy. Really. It's weighted beautifully, it works like a dream. It feels amazing in the hand. It looks sharp. The only problem with the pen is that I'm paranoid about the tip. I leave it in my office and don't carry it with me very often because I would hate (HATE!) to have this tip damaged. I haven't been able to justify the expense of the 800 with a retractable tip yet, but I love this pencil so much that I suspect that at some point I will. Really, if you don't plan on carrying this around in your pocket all the time, you can't do better. This makes every other drafting pencil I have ever used seem like a toy in comparison.
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  I just received it today..., July 22, 2011
I just received it today and its awesome. I LOVE how solid this pencil is. I don't need to press down to write because it weighs enough that I can just guide it.
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  Since the artists' POV..., January 16, 2014
Since the artists' POV seems underrepresented here, I'm throwing in my two cents!

As a comic book artist who does a lot of fine line work, both technical and organic, I'm always looking for solid drawing instruments. The Rotring 600 gave me a creative hard on at first sight. Elegant, yet not flashy, durable and well constructed, reliable in its mechanics: it's a wonderful piece. No annoying rattles, all the pieces seem perfectly machined. It has a solid click and dispenses an appropriate amount of lead. The finish is attractive to the eye and comfortable in the hand, and the knurled grip is just right for my taste.

It also feels like I could successfully use it to win a street fight.

All that being said, I can't use this pencil for real, daily work. It's just way too heavy. I'm no sissy, either - my usual work day involves 8-10 solid hours of drawing. The 600 made my hand cramp up after a mere 30 minutes. And with that lovely, substantial, weighty feeling, you loose the ability to achieve a lot of the fluid, whipping motion I often favor in my pencil work (it gives me a sort of recoil). As a practical daily tool, the 600 is not for me.

Despite it's drawbacks, I have to give it 4 stars. I love carrying it in my road kit to whip out at sketch parties, etc. People are always impressed with it. They don't have to know I never really use it!
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  I've never given a five-star..., November 9, 2013
I've never given a five-star review, but this pencil deserves it.

This is the mechanical pencil you're looking for. I've tried many of JetPens' hundreds of mechanical pencils, and many of them have proven to be great, but none so great as the Rotring 600 -- even its retractable Rotring 800 doesn't match it.

The pencil is perfectly balanced at the middle of the barrel, and the grip at the bottom is fantastic. Personally, I prefer the matte black version, as the silver doesn't have the fantastic grip of the matte black. You can always buy a silver one and buy a separate black 0.5mm tip if that suits you! The grip placement is absolutely ideal.

The only caveat is the tip -- while it's extremely functional, watch out and make sure you don't drop it. I've dropped my 600 before, and it's never broken, but I know it is prone to snapping if dropped from the right height. Fortunately, JetPens sells replacement tips. It's a fantastic pencil, and if you take good care of it, it'll outlast you.

From sketching to detailed math/physics problem solving, this is the mechanical pencil that outperforms every other. I simply don't think it can be improved.

Finally, note that the 0.7mm and 0.35mm versions are the ideal pencils for those two lead sizes as well. While I personally prefer 0.5mm over both of those, choose whichever you prefer!

Do not hesitate -- this is the best mechanical pencil for any amount of money.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  pros: -sturdy construction ..., February 26, 2012
-sturdy construction
-not too flashy
-good grip
-no flexing
-smooth writing

-cost: If you don't need it for actual drafting, it might not be worth the money. It is definitely made out of better materials than some of the other pencils out there, but a good portion of the price you're paying is probably going towards importing it from Japan. I bought it for taking notes and doing homework, and while it's nice, I can't help but think that I would have been better off with the cheaper Staedtler 925-25 or another solid pencil.
2 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  This pencil is a tank...., March 22, 2011
By ohn...
This pencil is a tank. Its mass becomes more of an issue if I use it for sketching than for laying out lines with straightedges and such, because lively strokes will accelerate that mass to create momentum that can catch me by surprise. While the grip is grippy, enough acceleration can cause it to slip right out, which has happened a few times, thankfully not landing directly on the lead sleeve. I'm glad I bought them (couldn't decide between black and silver), and I'll probably have them forever, but I'm afraid their borderline unwieldy mass, coupled with their price, means I don't find myself using them very often compared to my lighter pencils. Consider this an emotional purchase- they're conversation pieces for sure.
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  I have both the matte..., February 16, 2011
By toe...
I have both the matte black and silver versions of the 0.5 mm Rotring 600 drafting pencil. I use them for technical drawing, mostly. Writing with these pencils is a pleasure, also. Some reviewers have posted some slight negatives about the weight / balance of this pencil. They might have a point, but I write with my silver model regularly, and I love the way it feels and handles. I use 2b lead when I am writing. In my opinion, hard lead with a heavy pencil is cumbersome for writing. So, the softer lead does the trick. But my primary use for these pencils is technical drawing, with drafting implements. In this application, the Rotring 600 is my favorite pencil, without a doubt. The balance is perfect for hand positions and pencil angles related to accurate drawing. Like another reviewer said, these pencils just might be the best model jetpens carries.

Rotring 600 drafting pencils make great gifts, even if the one receiving it doesn't own a drafting table.

Please restock. Thanks for the fair price, Jetpens. Others seem to gouge on the price for this pencil.
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  This is a great pencil...., January 25, 2011
This is a great pencil. I have it in .35mm (like public, mine is old). Will be getting the silver body.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Oh wow, I have one of..., December 14, 2010
By public
Oh wow, I have one of these that's about 20 years old, I didn't know they were still made. Superb pencil. I still use mine. It attracts attention, at least from engineers -- a coworker even offered to buy it from me. Then he threatened to steal it. ;)

Weight is good, durability (and lifetime) is mostly excellent. Keep in mind the tip at the end is exposed so, while 95% of the pencil is absolutely bomb-proof, that last 5% is vulnerable to bending. For this reason my pencil sees more use at home than on the road.
  Quite simply, the best..., June 4, 2014
Quite simply, the best writing utensil I have ever used. The firm brass makes it a pleasure to hold in your hand, the weight offers good support for writing as well. You can write better with this pencil than similar pencils using the same lead, it is that good.
The only reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is the tip. It isn't retractable, and so if you aren't careful (like me) your pencil will fall, and the tip will get bent. I used a multitool to bend it back a couple times, but after the third or fourth drop, the tip was done for. Thankfully, JetPens offers replacement tips, which are absolutely worth it.
TL;DR Fantastic pencil, just be sure to put it securely in a case so the tip doesn't break.
  Higher end of the scale..., March 11, 2014
By nmdarr
Higher end of the scale in terms of weight, quality, and of course most notably the price. It has been a great addition to my collection. I own the .35mm and .5 black variants.
  The Rotring 600 is my..., January 28, 2014
The Rotring 600 is my favorite of all the models. I found the 800 to be a little big and a little heavy for my liking, but still an extremely nice pencil. The Rapid Pro was very nice, but still a little too heavy for the volume of writing that I do. The first 500 I purchased was my favorite for many months and still gets used occasionally since it is nice and light weight, very cheap for the quality, and just the right grip circumference for me. The 600 is the perfect balance of weight, grip diameter, shape, and especially cap design/fitment for me. It sits weight-wise right in between the 500 and Rapid Pro. The grip diameter is similar to the 500, and still retains the octagonal upper body similar to a wood pencil. I recommend that anyone interested in a quality writing instrument for heavy daily use try the 600 or the 500 depending upon personal preference.
  This is a pretty nice..., September 30, 2013
This is a pretty nice pencil. The weight is heavier than most, but i like it this way. It feels really sturdy in the hand, and makes writing more enjoyable.

The only disappointment I have is not with the pencil, but with jetpens. I was expecting the model they advertised, but i got an older one instead. The only difference is that i have more branding on mine. It has the text "rotring 600 / 0,5mm" instead of just 0.5. Its not that big of a problem, but having to pay so much for a pencil, I expected to at least get the right one.
  I am absolutely enamored..., June 21, 2013
I am absolutely enamored with this pencil. I work for an architecture firm, and this is my go-to writing tool. It's weight and precision are simply amazing. I look forward to taking notes, doing calcs, and sketching concepts simply because this pencil is such a joy to use. The engineering and quality are genuinely unmatched. I also own a Rotring 800, but prefer the slimmer profile of the 600. To the people concerned about the tip- It is a precision drafting tool, and the tip is an extension of that. To be upset with the fixed tip is missing the point of this pencil all together. HIGHLY recommend!
  This pencil is excellent..., April 19, 2013
By mpt...
This pencil is excellent in every respect, so perhaps it's best to only list two hesitations:

1. The weight balance is evenly distributed across the nice solid, heavy, brass body. I personally would prefer a more forward balance with more weight closer to the tip. That being said, writing with a fountain pen has allowed me to adapt to letting the back end rest in my thumb/index hand groove instead of trying to suspend it with my fingers.

2. I'm afraid that I'll drop the tip, or knock it around in my bag, or something that might damage it. Yes, there are replacement tips, but they are expensive. I always carefully pack the pencil back in its box, wrapped with bubble wrap, for fear that I'll damage it.
  Best pencil I have owned...., April 4, 2013
By ngr...
Best pencil I have owned. Well balanced, nice weight, fully functional. Beautifully engineered. Highly recommend.
  my favorite drafting..., March 21, 2013
my favorite drafting pencil. i have this in 0.5mm in black and 0.7mm in silver

i personally prefer the black pencil's texture. also the black one's grip knurl is finer and smoother than the silver's (at least mine is).

i use a pencil case so the unretractable tip isnt a problem for me
if it bothers you, get an 800 or something else.

the graphgear 1000 and kurotoga or whatever are also great pencils and cheaper but this pencil is so minimalistically luxurius that i'd never choose another pencil over it. (unless rotring decides to rerelease their gorgeous lava ones)
  The rotring is amazing......, March 7, 2013
By pyan77
The rotring is amazing... People say that the pencil is heavy, but I don't think so, I use it everyday and it feels just like an ordinary pencil (of course, it only FEELS like an ordinary pencil). I don't recommend the 800 if you are looking for a cheaper model that is still very good. The uniqueness of the pencil makes everyone around me look impressed, even my friends, who are pro mechanical pencil collectors, think that it's really good. I recommend buying this with a BOXY eraser and a pack of nano-dia lead HB.
  The perfect pencil. Nice..., January 10, 2013
The perfect pencil. Nice heavy weight, solid metal construction, solid internal mechanisms, works well, and just looks amazing.
  Anybody that says this..., November 29, 2012
By roc...
Anybody that says this pencil is flawed, a tank, does not understand product engineering. Look at any pencil / pen while in your hand in a writing position and it becomes OBVIOUS that if it does have some weight forward it will not be balanced for the task it was designed for in the first place.
  I had received this pencil..., November 29, 2012
By roc...
I had received this pencil in silver as a gift over twenty years ago and lost it two days later(I actually think it was stolen). So I finally replaced it in black as I had a hard time justifying spending so much for a pencil. I am so happy with this pencil that I just ordered one in silver for my wife. The more I write with this pencil the more I enjoy it. The balance is perfect, the weight is is enough that it feels solid without being heavy and fatiguing when writing for extended periods of time. I write up four hours everyday and my hand / forearm / fingers never feel tired or stressed. You need the weight in a pencil/pen otherwise you will grip it more and that is what makes your fingers get tired and stiff. I will never own another brand of pencil than a Rotring.
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  I've been using the Rotring..., November 27, 2012
I've been using the Rotring Rapid Pro for about a year and it is a great pencil. Thought i lost it so i ordered the Rotring 600 in black. I can't put it down and the Rapid Pro is now in my bag. Ya, it's newer so maybe that is a part of it, but the weight and balance feel great. My favorite aspect is the Knurled Grip, it stays in the fingers much better than the knurl of the rapid pro. Only downfall is the lead sleeve doesn't retract. I took some PFA 3/8" tubing and cut a piece and flared it so it fits over the pencil tip nicely and protects it.