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  Easily the best. These..., September 8, 2012
By cbu...
Easily the best. These pencils are not cheap however they are really solid. I bought one about 12 yrs ago and I still have it although I dropped it so many times and meanwhile the clip broke. Can someone find comparable pencils cheaper ? Yes, but not by much ( platinum from Japan is also made of metal ). Compared with the R800 I think that is a much better value.
  Great as expected, Just..., August 3, 2012
Great as expected, Just received the pencil yesterday, it was nice. The body is slim and a little heavy (not use to it yet)... The whole thing is nice, but it would be better if the pencil can be a little bit longer to have balance. I feel like the pencil is kind of short.

Overall, I love the pencil and the services. Fast shipping and well packaged. I like the 600 series version where they actually have a red rotring letter name on the pencil. That one looks nice. But this one is great also ...
  I love these pencils...., May 23, 2012
I love these pencils. I have been using them for years, very technical, and although expensive are worth the cost.

I found them here on and glad I got such a good deal!
  This is by far 1 of the..., May 5, 2012
This is by far 1 of the best pencils I've ever had the pleasure of owning, I also have a Pentel 1000 and by comparison the overall design is much thinner yet at the same time being brass has more weight and solid feel then the Pentel. My order with the free shipping came faster then other online art stores with $20 shipping. Overall I am a very satisfied jet pens customer and can't recommend this retailer enough.
  I've made 5 or 6 purchases..., March 5, 2012
I've made 5 or 6 purchases from Jet Pens and have never felt compelled to write a review....until the Rotring 600 showed up on my desk. Seriously the best drawing/drafting pencil I have ever used. I don't have the steadiest hands, but the weighting of the 600 totally helps to balance that out. It's literally perfect. The Platinum Pro Use II was my favorite pencil to draw with before, and it's still great, but the 600 has forever won my affections....
  This pencil is so well..., December 29, 2011
By azn...
This pencil is so well built. I received this from my girlfriend for Christmas and I really love it. For the price you pay for it I would say it is worth the money. Comparing to the Ohto Super Promecha series, the Rotring 600 feel more durable compared to the Ohtos. I had a 1500P which broke on me, it was not worth the money for me to get another one. The Rotring feels very comfortable for the hands with the knurled grip and the hexagon above the kurled grip is just perfect for percision. The Pencil doesn't feel too heavy nor too light. I wished the tip can be retractable just like the 800, but for around 30 bucks It is well worth the money. If you love your pencils, you should really get this Rotring 600.
  They sure did make a..., February 18, 2011
They sure did make a quick buck by restocking them! I bought one today as soon I as I realized that they were restocked, especially this black one which I know will go fast! I hope their shipping is as quick as they said it was. Overall Jetpens is the utmost best deal I found for the rotring.
  If you think that this..., February 17, 2011
If you think that this pencil is not all that you are playing yourself.
  one word--_ SOLID. This..., February 9, 2011
one word--_ SOLID. This pencil is the defintion of solid, durable construction. It has a quality weight to it and feels like it is worth every penny it cost. My personal experience with it is somewhat mixed though. It feels like it has a weird balence issue with it but they may just be me so don't worry about that.
Overall: HIGHLY recommend this pencil. Great deep black color to, and it's all metal. German engineering at its finest.
  Solid German Engineering...., February 4, 2011
Solid German Engineering. That's all that needs to be said. I would venture to say this is the grand daddy of all the pencils here at jetpens, and rightfully so.
  I purchased its predecessor,..., February 2, 2011
By dsr...
I purchased its predecessor, the rotring 500 0.35mm pencil and am amazed at how it feels. I was looking at this one initially but it was out of stock, so please restock soon! I'm even more excited at how "legit" the rotring 600 feels compared to its older brother. :D
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  The greatest and most..., October 11, 2013
The greatest and most comfortable pencil ever. 5/5
Droped it once it broke 1/5
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  I like this pencil, though..., March 1, 2013
I like this pencil, though I don't use it a whole lot. mainly because of the amount it cost, I just dont want to drop it or have someone steal it, that would really put me in a bad mood (edited in case youngings are reading). Heres my thoughts.

Length - the length is fine, not problem.
Pipe length - About standard, no problem.
Tip design - Its fine, nothing fancy, it works.
Grip - It has a decent amount of knurling, definitely wont slip out of my fingers.
Body - Its metal, screws into the grip very nicely.
Lettering - Red on black, cant go wrong with that combo, very nice lettering.
Clip - Above standard, nothing too great about it, it works.
Lead Indicator - Stiff enough that it wont slide when writing with it leaving you wondering "was this B or 2B?"
Cap - Hasn't slipped off while using it, but then again, I dont take the cap off unless filling drafting pencils and I havent used this for years, only about 5mo.
Finish - Far above standard drafting pencils, very nice, definitely will stand out among all the other drafting pencils you have.
Weight - its about the heaviest one I own, not bad, gives it that quality feel to it. My hands haven't gotten tired from using it for hours, but then again, I have man hands. :)

Tip - non retractable (yes I know there are versions of this that are, but for the price, would be nice to have that feature.
Grip - Its on the small side, not narrow enough to make me not want to use it, but I have much more comfortable drafting pencils in my arsenal.
Cost - This is the big one, now owning it, I'm not too regretful for purchasing it, but at the same time, I think its about $7 too much. If I didnt know what the price was, I certainty wouldnt have guessed $33. If I had the chance, I would have more likely not have bought it, its good, but not worth the $33 for it.
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  I bought this pencil..., April 6, 2012
I bought this pencil and after using it I fell in love with it. It is a very solid and reliable pencil. When I dropped it at work and bent the tip I nearly cried. This pencil is thin, well designed and built, slightly heavy (not so heavy that it makes your hand tired) and very official both looking and feeling. Compared to other mechanical pencils I have purchased, The Rotring line is not a pathetic attempt of a company to make as much money as they can from their products. They may cost a little more then other mechanical pencils, but they are worth it.

I would HIGHLY recommend considering the Rotring 800 (although I do not have one at the moment) because the tip on the 600 is breakable and you don't want to break it without a replacement. I would also recommend a thinner lead like 0.5 or less because the thicker lead doesn't write as clearly as the thinner lead does. I would also recommend if you buy the 600, buy one or two spare tips because if you miss your pocket and drop it tip first... Also, I would recommend buying the lead on JetPens because the lead doesn't smear.

If you want or need a very strongly built mechanical pencil, THIS IS YOUR PENCIL!
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  Great Pencil! This pencil..., January 30, 2012
Great Pencil! This pencil is the best thing in my pencil case so far. Not to mention the most expensive. It's heavy, something that I like, and it's grip is skinny enough that it won't make your middle finger sore. (Unless you have large fingers)

-Mostly Metal (Except for some small parts and some internal parts)
-Clip actually works
-Lead grade indicator
-Knurled grip
-Is compatible with the Pentel Z2-1 erasers
-Heavy (can be pro or con, depending on you)
-Tip does not retract (not a big deal, just be careful)
-Dirty stuff can get stuck in the grip (I'm and aesthetic Nazi)

For the price, I think this pencil is worth it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
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  I dropped this pencil..., November 11, 2012
By j...
I dropped this pencil and the tip where the lead comes out bent.

The design of this pencil is flawed. Because it is bottom heavy, when dropped, the tip will _always_ hit the ground first, thus exponentially increasing the chances of a bent tip. I can't believe such a flawed design is rated so highly here. Would not recommend, especially for people who drop their pencils off the desk occasionally (which would be most of us).
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  hi, love this pencil....., April 30, 2011
hi, love this pencil.. perfection.. however, one ? I need help with, is the red ring at the top of the pencil supposed to rotate freely.. mine spins completely around/swivels 360... seems secure still but just wondering if mine is a defect or do all the rotrings 'red' rings move freely? if a defect, I want to return for a replacement.. any replies would be appreciated..
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  Dear Jetpens, Thank..., February 21, 2011
By mel...
Dear Jetpens,

Thank you soooo much for restocking!!!!! I ordered the silver and black version. Because this would cost me so much $, I got my mom to pay half! I hope it was worth the money! Also thank you for such fast shipping. Like 2 days after I ordered other pencils, they came in!
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  Had one of these pencils..., January 25, 2011
By bra...
Had one of these pencils when I was an electrical engineer many years ago. It's a geat pencil until you drop it. The body is so heavy that when you drop it - and you will - that the neck gets bent and eventually breaks off. Once this happens you can't use this pencil any more. On a positive note, I sent the broken pencil back to Rotring and they exchanged it for a newer model which I've had for over 15 years! Can't beat that. I give the pencil a C+ for design but an A+ for their customer service.
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  Any idea if they are..., January 22, 2011
Any idea if they are going to re-stock these? Would love to pick up a Black .5mm
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  I have a rotring 600..., April 26, 2011
By dkraas
I have a rotring 600 0.5 mm (silver colour) and it fall down on some tiling floor. The tip broke off and I am wondering where I could order just the tip, instead of buying the whole pen. Any suggestions?
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  Love the pencil had it..., April 26, 2011
By hum...
Love the pencil had it about two weeks then accidently dropped it and the tip was bent.

Tried to straighten it but will not work any longer. $30 down the drain.

Nice pencil but tip is too fragile.

Buy at your own risk.