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This is a great pencil....
January 25, 2011
This is a great pencil. I have it in .35mm (like public, mine is old). Will be getting the silver body.
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Oh wow, I have one of...
December 14, 2010
Oh wow, I have one of these that's about 20 years old, I didn't know they were still made. Superb pencil. I still use mine. It attracts attention, at least from engineers -- a coworker even offered to buy it from me. Then he threatened to steal it. ;)

Weight is good, durability (and lifetime) is mostly excellent. Keep in mind the tip at the end is exposed so, while 95% of the pencil is absolutely bomb-proof, that last 5% is vulnerable to bending. For this reason my pencil sees more use at home than on the road.
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I bought this as a replacement...
April 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
I bought this as a replacement; I had the same pencil but dropped it enough times that I had no hope of bending the lead sleeve back into true and it was an old enough model I wasn't sure a replacement tip would work. It's a great pencil. It's got a lot of heft, which I like, and there's not a lot of play in the lead. A good, solid, reliable pencil.
This is THE mechanical...
March 28, 2016
Verified Purchase
This is THE mechanical pencil. Don't let the price tag scare you, its worth every penny. I was considering the 800, but after reading some reviews on it I decided to go with the original. The only problems I could see happening is the tip breaking from being dropped. But that's why there are replacement parts. Other than that, I just wouldn't lend it to anybody or you might not get it back...
I loved the Rotring 600...
March 8, 2016
I loved the Rotring 600 as soon as I got it. It looks so classy in your hand, and I absolutely love the grip. This is easily one of the best pencils I have bought. However, there is one problem. The tip of the pencil is bent quite easily. Accidentally dropping it on the floor can result in the tip bending. This is what happened to me, and now the 0.7 lead is quite hard to fit in. I wish they made it retractable, which they did in the rotring 800. Overall, a joy of a pencil, with one small setback. Definitely recommend people to buy this.
Absolutely love this...
March 7, 2016
Verified Purchase
Absolutely love this pencil. I'm a college student, and all I do are math and chemistry problems. Being able to rely on the rotring 600 keeps my handwriting organized and neat. I never thought I would spend $30 on a pencil, but man was it worth it. Definitely would recommend this product to future customers. I have the black one, which is sleek, but not too flashy; so I feel it's less likely to get stolen. I use a separate eraser, so I haven't needed to buy replacements yet. The one on the pencil is handy in a jam, but it's not great for erasing big mistakes. Would recommend using it with a separate eraser.
I received this pencil...
January 25, 2016
I received this pencil as a gift for Christmas and quite love it. However, the pencil tip (the tiny metal part) is quite easy to bend and if the user is not careful, then they will break the pencil. I suggest opting for the version that has a retractable tip or 3D printing a tip cover as I have done.
Love this pencil, also...
January 6, 2016
Verified Purchase
Love this pencil, also own the 500 because I have a love/hate relationship with the weight of this pencil, depending on the day lol. Bent the tip the day I received it, cut it off after trying to straighten it, and filed the pencil to a point. It worked for over 2 years (I guess you could call it a "tactical pencil") until I recently ordered a replacement tip. I prefer the original tip over my make-shift one. Would definitely buy another if I were to lose it.
Like many enthusiasts....
October 26, 2015
Like many enthusiasts. I was very skeptical of the Rotring 600 at the start. We can sometimes get caught up in the "features" of our pencils. Is it a retractable sleeve? Is it a sliding sleeve? Is it a good eraser? The Rotring 600 has the only feature it needs: quality. It is the gold-standard for drafting pencils.

What makes this pencil so great? Three factors. I'm already mentioned quality. It is all brass construction on the outside and mostly metal construction inside. The clutch is metal and dispenses a "standard" 6 mm per 10 clicks. There IS a plastic piece that connects the grip and body of the pencil together. However, you can expect not to take it apart very often (ever?) and I would recommend not doing so. The reason is that the plastic piece has very fine screw heads that I could see getting worn out over time or excessive use. The pocket clip is solid and the lead hardness indicator is a friction system that will not move on its own but also isn't too difficult to move.

The second aspect is the grip. The knurling is, in my opinion, the perfect knurling for a drafting pencil. Not too "sharp" and not too smooth. I feel a secure grip in my hand without it being irritating.

Finally, the overall size of the pencil (on the smaller end) and weight make the writing experience near perfect for me. The weight is substantial at 1.1 ounces, but not too heavy. Many metal pencils suffer from TOO MUCH weight, in my opinion. This one may take some people a little getting used to, but you can write with it for long periods and not get hand fatigue. You might compare the 600 to the Rapid Pro, in this respect, which is considerably heavier at 1.9 ounces. Yikes. I hope people try this before they try the Rapid Pro if weight matters to you.

The grip and lead sleeve can be replaced if it breaks, which is a concern for this pencil but just try to treat your stuff well. Accidents happen, but I would keep this in a case if you can.

The 600 is manufactured in Japan now, not Germany, after Newell/Rubbermaid bought the rotring brand.

Another consideration: The newest (this writing October 2015) versions of the pencil have the full logo: "rotring 600 / 0.X mm". One generation earlier would just say "0.X" on the side. So, keep this mind and maybe ask before you buy to make sure you're getting the iconography you expect. Many enthusiasts pitched a fit when they went to the "0.X" variant because the branding on this is a source of pride for people, I think.

Finally: It is easy to get sold knock-offs and old models of this pencil online. I would recommend that you buy from JetPens because you know that you are getting the genuine article. It is worth the money to guarantee that.
For what it's worth and...
October 23, 2015
For what it's worth and for what it is it's a good pencil. Feels nice in hand, but isn't too heavy. I heard if you drop it the tip is dead forever, although I haven't had that issue (be careful, tho). The swivel thingy is there for show, although I haven't really had to move it. (Unless you're an architect or an engineer I doubt you'll really need it).The eraser runs out easily so make sure to get refills upon buying it.
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