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Very happy and impressed...
May 4, 2012
Verified Purchase
Very happy and impressed with the Rotring 600 lead holder. Does the job it's designed for and does it very well. there are lots of metal lead holders out there, and i own a fair few, but this is possibly the nicest of my collection. it's no nonsense straightforward approach, makes it a tool i reach for everyday. it's fairly light weight, but feels solid and well balanced. the clutch holds the lead in place, and does not allow for any spinning as some can do. the knurled grip which appears rather rough in the photos ( which was the reason i hesitated ordering it sooner) is in fact very comfortable to hold. not at all harsh, and has a enough grip to prevent slippage without making the drawing experience uncomfortable in any way. has a satin black finish and fits into a standard rotary lead pointer.Will a lead holder of lesser price do the job as well as this one does? absolutely, but if you want one that is solid, well balanced, and just looks pretty darn cool, you might want to give the Rotring 600 a try.
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First, I'd like to start...
April 11, 2015
Verified Purchase
First, I'd like to start off by saying I have been using Rotring 600 series .35 and .5 mechanical pencils for years. They are by far my favorite pencils and I use them almost daily. So when I finally decided to replace the Staedtler 2.0mm Lead holder I use, I figured the Rotring 600 made perfect sense.

Second, I have never written a review for a pencil before. They either work, or they don't. Yes, some have higher quality than others, but generally I always get what I expect. The reason I am writing this review is because the quality aspect is far below what I am accustomed to from a Rotring 600 in comparison of the other 600 series mechanical pencils, pens and fountain pens I have used.

Feel: 6 out of 10
The holder feels extremely cheap compared to the rest of the 600 series. The hex body is semi rounded, which just feels terrible to me. I'm not quite sure why they would use a semi rounded body when the rest of the 600 series uses a sleek and comfortable fully hex body. It also doesn't have the same sturdy feel that other 600s do. It has a very cheap almost plastic feel to it (it is not plastic, just feels that way). The weight is also an issue for me. I use the 600 pencils because they are heavy. This lead holder feels almost as light as the Staedtler I am trying to replace.

Build: 7 out of 10
It definitely is a metal body, but it just doesn't feel like quality metal. However, that said it is far better than most lead holders I have tried over the years. The knurled grip is also metal, and a bit higher quality than the body itself. The clip is again, metal, and is to me, the highest quality part of the build. It is very solid. The tip and end cap are both made of metal, and serve their purpose well enough. However, the end cap rattles during use. It's not a lot of play, but there is more than enough to bother me when I use this lead holder.

Overall: 6.5 out of 10
I could go on and on about why this just isn't the quality I would expect from Rotring based on the other Rotring products I own, but I won't. All in all this is an above average lead holder that I can see some people enjoying very much. It functions well, comparable to any other 2mm drop holder. The price is fine, $50 is fairly cheap and I do think this is mostly worth the price of admission. But for those looking for a very sturdy and hefty lead holder, You might want to look elsewhere. This product feels far too light and cheap for my taste.
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Truly Exquisite!...if...
February 8, 2012
Verified Purchase
Truly Exquisite!...if you could have but one leadholder...this is it. Perfect balance (suprisingly light). Satin matte black finish. Smooth well functioning clutch, no wobbling. Everything that can be expected of the Rotring 600 series. Nice drawing pencil.

Black Beauty!...what are you waiting for...order one now! :o)
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This holder has the same...
April 14, 2015
Verified Purchase
This holder has the same solid construction as all other Rotring pencils, and I really enjoy the weight of these pencils. My only surprise is that I'm not used to how freely the lead comes out when I press the knock; right now I'm having to practice to keep the lead from advancing too far too fast.
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