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  Solid well made leadholder...., February 9, 2012
By kxc...
Solid well made leadholder. On the heavy side but very well balanced. Knock button mechanism works flawlessly with no rattle. Knurled grip is comfortable with no sharp edges. No lead play (wobble). Can be broken down to gently clean.

Beautiful drawing pencil...

  not a review, just response..., December 5, 2012
By jponti
not a review, just response to above. try some loctite on the thread.
  I have mixxed feelings...., November 23, 2012
I have mixxed feelings. I've spent a long time with this lead holder to make sure I could write a review with confidence, and after about 6 months with the Rotring 800, the pros have been obvious:

1) I absolutely love the weight
2) the action is perfect
3) the look is great

but the cons are what bring this back to a mediocre score...
The holder has so much mass that it takes very little for it to start unscrewing. This means:

1) I'm overgripping the holder when I want to keep the edge of my lead against the paper
2) The feel of the holder suffers because I get feedback from the swivel of the barrel trying to loosen

Please, someone tell me if there is a way to get this thing to stop being so loose... I've tried a few things, but I almost feel like maybe I got a lemon. For $80, I'd expect this would be easily caught by a quality department.