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I purchased this pencil...
July 16, 2014
I purchased this pencil with the expectation of it becoming one of the best mechanical pencils I own. And as a bonus I could use it with my iPhone and iPad.

Unfortunately, there is a surprising degree of 'play' or 'sloppiness' between the extended gold-colored stylus and the pencil body. Enough play to break the lead inside the pencil as the lead is extruded while in use. Once broken, the lead is not controllable and has to be pulled out, and a new lead advanced into writing position. Then the next lead would break in just a few seconds! This makes the pencil just a very expensive stylus for my idevices.

I do use soft lead, in the B range, so perhaps a harder lead would work better. Nevertheless, I still wonder why Rotring doesn't ensure the gold-colored extension is not tightly held by the pencil's body. Then the pencil would meet my expectations.

But as it is, my recommendation now is to use your money on a better made pencil. The Ohto and Pentil and so on make superb products for much less money and much higher value.
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