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Love at first stroke. Serious...
April 17, 2013
Love at first stroke.
Seriously, as soon as I started using this pen, it was love. The flow was consistent and started up pretty quickly after I began using it. It's good, solid plastic, and very light (a plus for anyone who always needs to have their pens in their bag like I do!). It's very durable and I've gone without using it for a few weeks sometimes and never experienced any problems with the ink drying out, which is a huge plus for me.

The one downside of this pen is that the back end is tapered (you can see that in the picture), which means that the cap can't sit on the end of it. I'm always worried I'm going to lose it!

Now a word of warning, the default ink that comes inside it is NOT waterproof. It will not hold up to washes. While that can create some neat effects, I bought the converter and put in my own waterproof ink.
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Nice pen, but be warned....
January 24, 2014
Nice pen, but be warned. It is pretty long (longer than my Namiki), so it won't fit into the breast pocket of a dress shirt. Why they bothered to add a clip is beyond me.
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Make sure you never put...
November 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
Make sure you never put any ink in these that isn't specifically made for using in fountain pens. This pen was wonderful and preformed very well until I stupidly put the wrong type of ink in it! That being said, it's very easy to clean and still writes well after my ink mishap.
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