Rotring ArtPen Calligraphy Pen - 1.9 mm

Rotring ArtPen Calligraphy Pen - 1.9 mm

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Like patterns of speech, handwriting is an expression of personality. The Rotring ArtPen is an ideal tool to express the art of handwriting. Its calligraphy nibs, crafted from the finest stainless steel, turn every piece of writing into a small work of art. The ArtPen is made of matte acrylic resin and has a hand-polished steel nib.

Two Black ink cartridges are included.

The video features the 1.5 mm Rotring ArtPen Calligraphy Pen nib.

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This was my first Rotring...
June 7, 2016
Verified Purchase
This was my first Rotring Art. Initially, there was a whole lotta shaken' going on... hard start, once I tweaked the nib it was fine. Good flow, good line, good ink. The grip? Hmm... overall, I like the length and it's stable. Lightweight. The 1.5 would have been more versatile. Considering another along with a converter.
very good at shades and...
May 22, 2016
very good at shades and my favorite kind of pen I use it every single day
art maddnes

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