Rotring ArtPen Calligraphy Pen - Sketch Fine Nib

Rotring ArtPen Calligraphy Pen - Sketch Fine Nib

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Like patterns of speech, handwriting is an expression of personality. The Rotring ArtPen is an ideal tool to express the art of handwriting. Its calligraphy nibs, crafted from the finest stainless steel, turn every piece of writing into a small work of art. The ArtPen is made of matte acrylic resin and has a hand-polished steel nib.

Two black ink cartridges are included.

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I have been using this...
February 22, 2015
I have been using this pen for a couple months for sketches and drawings, and it is my current favorite fountain pen. I have several other fountain pens...all very nice...but this pen has a great combination that makes it great to draw with. The pen is very light and also very long...the length of most other pens with cap posted, and I like this for the balance it provides when drawing. The end is quite narrow and light and I just love the feeling of the balance that provides. The ink seems to flow on so smoothly with no scratchiness. I have primarily been using the included black cartridge, but also did order the converter and have been using other inks recently as well, with the same smooth writing behavior. The fine tip is not super-fine - thicker than other fine points I have but certainly thinner than a medium point - perfect for my preference. Some may consider the fact that the cap cannot be posted as a disadvantage - since you kind of have to keep track of the cap while writing - but the long and very light end of the pen makes this much better than a posted cap for me.
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The best thing I like...
March 16, 2016
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The best thing I like about this pen is that it writes so smoothly that you almost think ink is actually flowing out.
Moreover, the pen is extremely light, probably even lighter than my ballpoint pen, could be pro / con depending on different people.
One thing I dislike about this pen is that the nib is too broad for a "fine" nib. The nib size is at least a medium, much to my disappointment. I'm thinking maybe because the line name is "ArtPen" and therefore the nib size would be a little different than writing fountain pens. Could've made a great writing tool for me. :(
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