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January 26, 2015
Purchased one from JetPens...
Verified Purchase
Purchased one from JetPens a few months ago and immediately started using it. I owned one in black received as a gift, used it for a couple years, enjoyed it until one day it mysteriously disappeared; so, because of that earlier experience I bought a new one and selected the silver finish. Same experience initially. Then, while still on the first cartridge last week the retraction mechanism stopped working. The pens retraction mechanism failed not the ink cartridge. This particular example did not deliver for it's price or it's Rotring reputation or did it live up to the favorable experience I had with the previous example. Still, it was comfortable, functioned well (before failing) and I used it often for several months. It should have been more durable. That's my reason for awarding two stars.

May 4, 2014
Like the rest of the...
Verified Purchase
Like the rest of the Rapid Pro line, this pen is solid and well made. The silver finish is drop-dead gorgeous. The ink flow is only adequate, however, so I'll be trying other refills in it when time allows. Fabulous pen.