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Background info: own...
January 31, 2012
Verified Purchase
Background info: own Rotring 600 0.5mm silver (purchased from JetPens), 2000 vintage Rotring 0.5mm silver retractable mech. pencil (unsure of the model #), and Uni Kuru Toga (purchased from JetPens), engineer by trade so I take a lot of notes and draw a lot.

Purchased the Rapid Pro 0.5mm black after a lot of research as I was considering the Rotring 800 as I need a good retractable version of the Rotring 600. I love my 600 (and those around me who comment about it) in every way except for the non-retractable tip that scares me when I walk away from my office. Nothing compares to the feel of a good writing instrument.

People complain about the Rapid Pro's lightness (lighter than my 600, but a tank compared to most everything else), the less aggressive knurled grip (no issues as it still is knurled and provides good grip), too much plastic (the 600 has plastic parts internally and the only Rapid Pro plastic that you can touch without disassembly is the red strip. the body is all metal albeit thinner than the 600).

The Rotring 800 was too expensive and heavy...plus to extract the tip required you to twist the top. I prefer just to press down on the top in a single handed motion to extend the tip instead of 2 hands for the 800.

My older Rotring retractable has zero knurling on the grip, so it looks cool, but has zero grip. I wish the Rapid Pro had this type of retractable tip as the extension and retraction are made with simply pushing down on the top where as the Rapid Pro I have to push the tip in manually while pushing down on the top to retract the tip.

The only thing I don't like about the Rapid Pro is the hole in the top of the cap that shows off the eraser. Probably would have chosen the silver version if I knew of that hole. In general I like using it more than my 600 which is now been moved to home office duty...both awesome pencils, but the retractable tip is the trump card for workplace duty.

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My first Rotring. I...
April 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
My first Rotring. I was contemplating the 600, but did not want to deal with bending tips. I then thought about the 800 and 800+, but read some lukewarm reviews about the rotating mechanism/tip extension.

I went with the Rapid Pro and am very happy I did. I appreciate the slender form and knurling. The only think I don't like is the small window showing the eraser.
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It's been about a year...
May 31, 2014
It's been about a year since I bought the rapid PRO. All I can say is that I'm amazed. I'm a student, so I use it up to 6 hours a day. While I've been relatively very careful, it has gone through probably 25 falls, a few with the tip extended, and I've even put it through the washing machine (the pencil was somehow unscathed and perhaps a little cleaner). The tip and extension system works perfectly. Pushing down the clicky still gives the resistance and hearty click as it did the day I got it. The grip is slightly less abrasive than some other drafting alternatives (such as the very rough graphgear 500 line), but I have not had any slippage issues even during long writing sessions. If you are a heavy sweater, you may experience slipping though.

Just to review some of the best and most striking qualities of the pencil: the clicky system allows you to extend out the tip a tiny bit, which has no give and is great for writing. Then you can easily push harder and extend it out fully for drafting or sketching, still with impeccable tolerances. Under high pressure, the tip pushes in, meaning it's necessarily impossible to both break the tip and tear into your paper. It has an amazing balance that allows a high level of control, even when you are gripped further up the barrel. The clip is insanely durable. I've clipped it to just about everything, it has a strong hold and has given up none of that hold. The body is also very hearty, as besides all my falls there is only one noticeable scratch (it's not actually noticeable to anyone but me) and it has slight wear (showing the metal) on the barrel around the tip and at the cap).

Now, problems (the few): about four months in, the cap became loose, it would slip off too easy. Solution, using pliers I squeezed the cap a little, making it much more difficult to take off, and now it has not come off by accident since then. Second, the clip has a little grip space at the end, which means over some time a little grime can build up. I usually just push it out with a paper clip. Third, the grip likes picking up tiny particles, like eraser shavings or who knows what that make it look dirty. Best way to clean is continue to use and your fingers will abrase such out, or you can use a wet cloth and rub it down. Fourth, in writing sessions of over three hours straight: it's still a heavy metal drafting pencil, and your hand will definitely show a lot more wear than your pencil. And it may hurt. It's ok, switch to your uni kuru toga for a little bit while you recover. Finally, about ten months in, sometimes more lead will slip out when you try to extend than normal. This is probably the inside grip showing wear, or perhaps I am just using a lower quality lead than before.

This pencil is a fantastic piece of engineering. It is a honda engine of pencils. This year anniversary isn't so much about the year the pencil has served me well, but rather the many years I expect it to continue doing so.
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Best pencil ever. The...
March 7, 2014
Best pencil ever. The hole in the cap actually serves a purpose, at least in my pencil cup. The hole in the 0.5 and 0.7 pencil caps show the erasers, indicating these are pencils. The 2mm lead holder cap has a lead pointer in it. The 1mm ball point pen has a cap with no hole.

The black is cool. The silver is GORGEOUS. Get 'em both.
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OVERVALUED, excessive...
March 31, 2016
Verified Purchase
OVERVALUED, excessive cushioning.

This pencil is good-looking, excellent grip, great balance, but personally, the cushioning is excessive, and maybe unnecessary. The lead retracts too much, and it makes an annoying noise while writing. That is because of the poor quality of the spring inside it, it compresses too much.
With this excessive cushioning you lose a lot of precision, and that is what you are looking for in a drafting pencil.

So for the $40.50 you are paying, you expect something near the excellence in terms of mechanical pencils, but it seems that cheaper pencils have better performance >>> OVERVALUED…
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i just got this pencil...
March 26, 2013
i just got this pencil today and it writes very good. it looks cool,it feels great>overall i would recommend this pencil to a lot of people.the only bad issue i have is that the cap has a big hole that shows off the eraser.all in all,i'm very happy with my buy.way better than the rotring 800.
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Lighter than I expected,...
April 20, 2016
Verified Purchase
Lighter than I expected, but completely substantial nevertheless. (Actually, I like the fact that it is not so heavy.) I find it a great pencil and completely handles my need for a thin lead mechanical pencil for everything from marking up plans to carpentry and sheet metal measurement marks (used already for all of the above). The retractable sleeve is a big help to my poor pockets since most similar pencils are always poking holes in my clothing.
Well, I don't draw &...
April 19, 2016
Verified Purchase
Well, I don't draw & I don't draft. But I do write & if writing's enough to say how I feel, then I'll say this pencil is a delight. I'm usually with my pens, old Rotring 600s (ballpoint & fountain) and have been happy with them for close on to 20 years now. When I long ago heard that Rotring wouldn't be making the 600s any longer, I'm one of those folks who bought as many as he could to have replacements for the long haul. The occasional web search led me to JetPens and the discovery that I could get those Rotring 600 pencils once again. So I did, in black & with the non-retractable tip -- no problem there since I just found an old plastic cap to put over it when I roamed. It was actually the need to get a new ballpoint pen (the last 600 lost on a trail in Nepal!) that brought me to the Rapid Pro Drafting Pencil. What the heck, I thought, may as well get a pencil while ordering the pen -- the retractable tip sounded worth trying even though I still had my older pencils.

So now that I have this & have given it a fair amount of trying out, I want to report that I am satisfied all the way around. Even the differences from the 600 in less edgey octagonal ridges, the hole in the cap that reveals the eraser, and the movement of the rotring down the shaft have won me over. They freshen the experience while retaining enough echoes that I know what geneaology I'm in. And the things I like about the 600 are here in abundance: the elegance, the balance, the craft & feel of something that took care to design and make. And the heft. My writing with this pencil (since that's what I do with it) has been pure pleasure. I haven't run into any of the failures of product that some have reported -- jamming, wobble, or other displeasures at this point (maybe these take a lot longer to reveal themselves than the month or so I've had this) -- it's been a delight in every way & I am supepr happy. Happy enough, in fact, that I ordered the same instrument in the 0.7 mm size for when I like a slightly thicker line (I like that one, too!). I tend to use this finer pencil for writing notes in books while reading and the other for manuscript edits. But truth is that I like the feel of these Rapid Pro pencils so much, I have begun to use them in my field notebooks, too, where they add a little spice to the ballpoint).

The lead advances precisely and not overmuch so that I have yet to suffer from breakage while writing. I like the feel of the click -- firm enough to get a little resistance -- and the wobble free contact with the page. This pencil is sturdy and precise enough that I also use it, in alternation with my pens, for my more general note-taking at meetings and lectures. And while I claim not to draw or draft, I have been led by the possibilities of lead to begin to draw myself little diagrams in my notes, expanding the texture of these things with shadings and the kind of variation that you can only get with a pencil. This thing is drawing me out of my shell.

As with my Rapid Pro Ballpoint, folks do a double take when they see me with this pencil, working in my notebooks in a coffee shop or a pub. They ask about it and want to hold it. It's nice to know that people look at things like what you write with. I'm not much of a proselytizer but I've never had a bad thing to say about this pencil & I tell them that it's been worth it for me.

All in all, completely in keeping with the kind of quality I had long ago come to expect from Rotring. And while I'm at it, I must also sing the virtues of JetPens. I have never before had such pleasant, efficient, fast service on the web. These folks are a wonder.
Dakota Writer
Heavy, the knurled grip...
January 25, 2016
Verified Purchase
Heavy, the knurled grip can feel a bit odd at times. Very good build quality; I don't notice the weight when I take notes or doodle due to habitually using heavy drafting pencils for a while now. It has a spring inside that gives slightly when you press down, a feature that is supposed to reduce lead breakage. I honestly have no idea if it works, but I haven't broken a piece of lead yet, so take that as you will.
awesome weight, retractable...
December 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
awesome weight, retractable metal tip is very nice, keeps it safe in you pocket and stab free

what you come to trust with Rotring, never disappointed
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