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July 21, 2013
First of all, this pencil...
First of all, this pencil is absolutely the most high quality pencil that I have ever handled. Because of its great function and its sleek matte black finish, this pencil is in the top class for function and aesthetics.
When I was deciding which Rotring to buy(a 600 or the Rapid Pro), I was convinced that the Rapid Pro was better than the 600 especially because the tip of the Rapid Pro could retract. However, I was also unconvinced as well, because the Rapid Pro screwed on to a plastic screw, whereas the 600 screwed on to a metal screw which was a part of the metal body itself. But needless to say, I was more worried about the tip bending rather than the small, meager fact that the lower part of the Pro was attached to a probably high-grade, excellent plastic, much higher in quality and strength than most other expensive mechanical pencils.
All in all, I was worried that in some IMPOSSIBLE way, the plastic screw of the Pro might break, though to this day, my Rotring Rapid Pro still remains as a high-quality, sturdy yet stylish, and a purposeful yet beautiful pencil that I can and will recommend it to everyone who is able to afford this classic pencil.
4.8 stars out of 5 because of the plastic screw and the hole on the cap. (I think I'm being a bit paranoid (: )

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