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Yet another lead holder...
March 21, 2012
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Yet another lead holder that doesn't fit a standard rotary lead pointer. it's a nice pencil, the knurled grip isn't as harsh as the 600, has nice weight to it, and it looks nice. those are it's good points, but the bad points seem to outweigh the good. the the interior is plastic. everything inside the pencil except for the jaws are plastic. the male threads that hold the knurled grip to the body are plastic, and that's never good, especially for the price of the pencil. the pencil isn't very responsive, has a harsh click that scraps the body as you advance the lead. the jaws that hold the lead in place seem weak. i placed the pencil in a pierce electric lead pointer and the lead itself would just spin. the jaws don't provide the hold needed to sharpen the pencil. if we look at the staedtler 925, ( which doesn't fit into a rotary lead pointer either ) it does the same job this one does, but a lot better, and for a lot less. all the components are brass, no plastic in the assembly, has a strong clutch and operates very smoothly when advancing the lead. you would think that the rotring would do a much better job considering it's price, but unfortunately it doesn't . unless you want to just buy this piece to add to a collection, i say pass this one by, and jet pens, you should really buy one standard rotary lead pointer at an art store, and test the pencils to make sure they fit before telling your customers that they do.

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Works well for me. I...
August 10, 2015
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Works well for me. I use Rotring 2B lead. I like having the built in sharpener in the cap just in case (which I can use discretely in a meeting). otherwise I use a uni 2 mm sharpener.
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jaws revenge
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