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I am a little baffled....
December 22, 2014
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I am a little baffled. My 0.13 mm Rotring produces a considerably finer line than my 0.1. Admittedly, my math is not the best, but I would expect a 0.1 line to be at least marginally finer that a 0.13. Be that as it may, I love the little guy, as I do all my Rotring Rapidographs. One of these days, I may pick up another 0.1, just to see what happens.
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I've been using the Rapidograp...
April 2, 2015
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I've been using the Rapidograph pens for years....just love 'em. I - like another reviewer - am a bit baffled. I have absolutely loved the .13 and was really excited to try the even finer .1 size. BUT, my .13 is significantly finer than the .1! What's up with that?1
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This pen was perfect...
August 12, 2014
This pen was perfect!
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Okay, the 0.1mm has made...
August 1, 2016
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Okay, the 0.1mm has made me dumb. First off pen writes great and have three of these, one being defective right out the gate. I inserted a blue cartridge and installed it all as normal then the needle leaks and pools up the ink at the bottom of the nib. It gets ink all over the damn place as it blobs the paper and the ink isn't controllable. I have 3 each all the way up to .50 and each writes respectively to their nib size. As far as this goes with my other two 0.1mm's, they write boldly while my 0.13mm writes like a needle with ink on the bottom. The 0.13 is definitely hyper fine than the 0.1.

With that said, how in the hell is a 0.13mm to even include the 0.18mm, can write hairline needle lines and letters than the 0.1mm??? One would think the 0.1mm would write even more finer than the 0.13mm and the 0.18mm. This pen writes more like my 0.20 or the 0.25mm.

Inconclusion, I don't write reviews and this is the first so that should tell you something. To those who want a superior hair line technical pen, buy the 0.13mm and the 0.18mm.

Be for warned, this isn't smaller than the 0.13mm. Hello could write a sentence (hypothetically speaking) on a grain of rice with this. The 0.1mm would just cover it whole with one touch of the nib.

I give it 1 star just for being able to write and draw and due to my defective 0.1mm nib right out the gate. If I could have the option to submit pictures to show comparison, I would!
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