Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing Pen - Pigment Ink - 0.3 mm - Black Ink

Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing Pen - Pigment Ink - 0.3 mm - Black Ink

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The Rotring Tikky Graphic is a fine fiber tip pen with non-fading water resistant pigment ink and a metal encased nib for accurate drawing on straightedges or templates. Rotring's Free-ink technology ensures consistent high quality lines to the very last drop. The ink-level window shows the amount of ink left in the reservoir at any time. Available in multiple point sizes.

Pen dimensions: Approximately 5.5 inches (14 cm) long and 0.42 inches (10.8 mm) in diameter.

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A superior product. I...
October 8, 2011
Verified Purchase
A superior product. I use the .1,.3,.5,.8 for comic book pages. The .3 gets used about %80 of the time.
The tips are hard and durable but have some give when pushed hard. They never wear down or change shape. The .1 and .3 have great bounce and spring. Like other felt tip pens, the larger ones are stiffer.
The ink is very dark and never fades or comes up when I erase over it. I draw with hb lead on Strathmore 400 regular board and erase with a Rotring Tikky eraser. The ink flows out of these pens unimpeded. They are much Juicier then similar brands. That works great for me since I draw on a rougher board.
Without a doubt, though the best feature is the ink delivery system, I used these to replace Sakura Micron pens (also very good) and I went from drawing about 3 pages with the 5 micron, to 10-11pages plus several illustrations with the .3 Tikky before the ink started drying up. You really can use the pen until almost the last drop. I never noticed it gradually getting drier. It stayed basically the same until it suddenly dried up and stopped one day. You can even view the ink in the pen and see when it will run out. They are really big too, which may be bad for some, but it holds more ink that way.
The negative is the price, but for me it is worth it to eliminate the slowly drying up aspect of drawing with disposable pens. I have bought them in bulk from Rotring which cuts the price down per pen to something similar to the other brands, but it is great to be able to buy individual ones from Jet pens when I need them.
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I originally purchased...
December 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
I originally purchased these, because, I was looking for an alternative to Microns, I found these. Excellent drawing pen. Wonderful ink flow. I don't get that scratchy feeling that I get from other pigment liners. The nib sizes are a bit bigger than others. I found that the 0.3 is as large as the 0.4 in others. But, that is a personal preference. I like them. The only pigment liners that I found to be on par with these, are the Copic Multi-liners.
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Unbeatable ink flow....
October 12, 2015
Verified Purchase
Unbeatable ink flow. Very, very dark black that doesn't lighten after a vigorous erasing. Takes a little longer to dry than other brands since it's so juicy, but that's okay. That being said, I just can't get used to these pens. I dunno what it is. They're a good product, but I keep going back to my go-tos. I guess that's because it feathers a little bit on more porous papers.
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a lot thicker and more...
May 9, 2016
Verified Purchase
a lot thicker and more wet than my micron .3 pens, which i find myself reaching for a lot more than this guy. otherwise, it's a good pen - just make sure you get yourself some nice thick/heavy paper to write on for this one.
Rotring makes great pens....
April 6, 2016
Verified Purchase
Rotring makes great pens. And pencils. The line is perfect, the ink flow is excellent--just a great pen. I still prefer the Pilot Drawing Pen, but I use these a lot too, and they stay in my "favorites" pen bag. The .2 is my favorite line size though, as I think the .3 is a little wider than it should be.