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July 11, 2012
I'm deeply disappointed....
I'm deeply disappointed. I've been using Rontring pens most of my life, that is more than 50 years. This christmas I bought a number, I think 5 Rotring Tikky Liner Gel Ink Pens for myself and my sons. We all experienced, that the pen somehow "dry out2 after use, and is unale to produce a continous black line efter some hours rest. You can then use the pen and "warm it up" scribling for some minutes, and then it will work allright. But I never had thought that this glorious brand, in my mind always associated to precision and perfection would have such a flaw. Why is it so?

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February 4, 2014
Terrific pen. The ink...
Terrific pen. The ink is a vivid black. The 0.5 flows well, although occasionally
a wet papertowel may be needed.

I just wish Rotring would make refills in a few other colors.