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Writes very well, but...
September 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
Writes very well, but has some issues..

This is a very nice pen that a lot of people will like. It has nice ink flow and dark bold lines. It is 'extra fine', but it really is somewhere between a fine and medium unless you are drawing and use quick strokes. For the amount of ink it puts out, it dries quickly. Seems like it would be a great artists' pen as well. It is a great pen for a second...

One minor thing, one major. It looks cheap. Cheap like the 50 cent pens. And it feels cheap. There is no grip; it's the slickest thing I've ever written with. The 'grip' is a pattern of textured ovals.. which.. I almost believe make the pen slicker! Non sweaty, dry weather conditions, and I'm adjusting my grip every line. I like the output of this pen, but couldn't imagine it in heavy use. Maybe a dedicated doodling or document markup pen, but nothing significant.
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This pen writes smoothly,...
October 31, 2012
Verified Purchase
This pen writes smoothly, no skipping, nice and dark black ink. The line is good, fine. The only down side that I think people should be aware of is that after owning it for about 2 months now and using it pretty regularly, I've noticed the glossiness on the pen body wearing away. It looks pretty crappy now, and I don't really use it anymore.
Just received this pen...
December 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
Just received this pen and my first perception of it was wow. It is aesthetically pleasing with rOtring's signature red ring around the barrel and the rOtring signature texturized finger/grip area. It feels good in the hand is is a smooth jet black writer. However,after further examination, it appears to take the blueprint of the Pilot Precise V5 and V7 Needle Rollerball Pens and take it to the next level, in design that is, performance no. Essentially the spiritual successor to the Pilot V ball. It writes as well, if not the same, as the Vball but for double the money, and i dont know if a disposible is worth $6.00. If you want a flashier version, of the top of the line, ever reliable Honda, but want to stay with the same design that you're used to, get the Lexus, in this case the Tikky.
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