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When I got this pen,...
April 14, 2012
Verified Purchase
When I got this pen, I thought "fine," meant it would write like the HighAce Neo. I was wrong.

Here is a list of nibs Sailor puts in their pens:
Sailor Clear Candy: F-2
Sailor HighAce Neo: F-4
Sailor Desk Pen (extra fine): F-9 (EF) [You could probably ink a love-letter on a single piece of oatmeal with this.]

While I was surprised by the thicker nib, it is still what I would consider a "fine," point and it writes quite nicely. If you have a Lamy Safari, as I do, it would sit at about F-1 in the Sailor scale (you definitely get a slightly thicker and wetter line with the Safari). For me, the finer is the better - so the Clear Candy is now my carry-everywhere general pen; something I have been hesitant about using the Sailor HighAce Neo for due to its smaller size and thinner plastic shell.

Some other pluses:
*The fat body makes for comfortable long-term writing and note-taking and the non-notched barrel is nice.
*Clear! The HighAce Neo could have always used a window... but forget the puny little window, now you can get an entirely clear pen! It would be nice, however, if they started making these pens with the F-4 nib or even the F-9; if they did, I'd never write with anything else ever again.
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The pen lays down a fine,...
January 4, 2012
The pen lays down a fine, consistent line. The line width is comparable to an EF-nib Lamy and with the included Sailor black cartridge shows little shading.

If you've ever used the Sailor Ink-Bar, you'll enjoy this pen. The same smoothness and no-frills design, but larger and stiffer in the hand than the diminutive, flexible Ink-Bar.

The cap is screw-on, which is satisfying and helps the pen seem more expensive than it is, but lessens its convenience as a carry-around pen. Another strike against it, as least in terms of portability, is that a bit stray ink finds its way onto the inside of the cap - more so than most fountain pens I've used. This ink is visible through the clear cap, slightly lessening the pen's attractiveness

This pen is best for long sessions of writing, as it is comfortable and consistent. Look elsewhere for a carry-around pen.
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I am highly satisfied...
June 24, 2013
I am highly satisfied with this pen. It should be said that straight from the box it wasn't cooperating: the nib wasn't particularly smooth, it skipped often and there were starting problems. For that one more star could be easily taken off, since it makes the pen troublesome for a beginner. Once, however, the problems were taken care of (tines get adjusted, flow improved and the tip buffed a bit), the pen became a wonderful writer. The pen lays a wet, fine, on the wide side of the spectrum, line. The feed keeps up not only with fast writing but also with energetic dashes. The nib is smooth. Not buttery smooth but with some feedback, that makes it interesting.

I only wish the pen wouldn't look like I took it away from a kid. Also a grey grip section would be much better, as threads on the barrel look a bit dirty against the white plastic.
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Opposite experience to...
January 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
Opposite experience to the other review. I prefer a wetter line which this nib did not lay down for me, using two different inks one being Waterman South Sea Blue which is rather wet in my medium Lamy Safari. The nib though steel is flexible enought to adjust on your own, but I think I messed mine up (ugh - totally my bad). I'm not impressed, but if I have the funds to spare I would try it again because of the low price. I might have just got a dud.
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10 stars!!! I absolutely...
March 11, 2015
Verified Purchase
10 stars!!! I absolutely love this pen! I love being able to see the ink inside, and it writes like a dream.if I lay it down uncapped for more that 10 minutes, there is a slight (about 1/2 of a character) delay in the ink flow. For me this isn't an issue. I also plan to use other inks in it, this is the ink that is provided with the pen. The line it produces could be a little thicker, but when I slowdown my writing it's perfect. I have practically glued the pen in my hand I use it for everything!
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This is my first fountain...
April 20, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is my first fountain pen and I really like it. The line isn't too thick or thin and I really like the look and feel of the pen. Definitely recommend this to anyone!
New to fountain pens,...
November 15, 2013
Verified Purchase
New to fountain pens, this is my fourth pen and I absolutely love it. To me, this is a much superior nib to the Lamy EF. It's a bit thinner and is not scratchy like so many Lamy nibs (especially in the EF). I initially used the supplied ink cartridge which was a nice black ink. I then just washed out the cartridge and syringe refilled with Diamine Ancient Copper. This works very well also.

At this price, this is a very good alternative to the Pilot Metro in terms of price to quality ratio. It lays a much thinner like than the Metro (though not quite as buttery smooth) which appeals to me.
A little disappointed,...
July 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
A little disappointed, this pen writes very dry to my taste (I prefer a wetter line) and I don't like the odd space at the end of the pen when loaded with a cartridge. It's not big enough to fit a spare, but it's awkwardly longer than the cartridge. For the price, it's a decent extra pen, but I don't think it will be one of my favorites. It's a shame, because it feels nice in my hand, just not when writing.
After not writing for...
March 13, 2013
Verified Purchase
After not writing for 15 seconds, ink takes about a half stroke delay before it starts flowing onto the paper again, so I have to go correct what I wrote. It has this problem with both the cartridge and the converter. This is the major problem with this pen for me.

(Disclaimer: This was my first fountain pen, so I wouldn't rule out some kind of early misuse.)
I'm pretty much a newbie...
December 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
I'm pretty much a newbie to fountain pens, but I'm very happy with this pen. It writes with a very nice, fine, consistent line and the ink is very black. I was afraid the clear plastic would get scratched up and ruin the pen's looks after a while, but I've had it banging around in my pencilcase for several months and it still looks fine.
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