Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen - Medium Fine Nib - Trademark Body

Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen - Medium Fine Nib - Trademark Body

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The Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen was recently introduced to celebrate the company's 100 year anniversary. With their colorful plastic bodies and ink cartridge selection, these inexpensive yet high-quality pens are perfect for beginner fountain pen users and more experienced writers alike. The Sailor Clear Candy fountain pens have a cap that screws onto the pen body securely, and will work with any Sailor brand ink cartridge as well as the standard Sailor converter. Multiple body colors available.

Pen dimensions: Approximately 5.2 inches (13.3 cm) long when capped, 5.6 inches (14.3 cm) from tip of nib to end of cap when cap is posted on back of pen, and 0.4 inches (11 mm) in diameter.

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The nib is a decent-but-not-ex...
February 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
The nib is a decent-but-not-exceptional fine nib. Everything seems to fit together pretty well. My favorite things about the pen are the fairly "old fashioned" aspects of it. Screw on cap, plus a color scheme whereby the section matches the body, and the cap is the alternate color. Most other pens of this price point have cap and body of one color, with the section in the alternate. The plastic doesn't feel quite as nice as, say, a Lamy Safari, but this pen is cheaper and has fairly unique stylings for an entry-level.

Strictly speaking, I don't have this pen. I have a different Clear Candy, but this was the color I wanted and they were out of stock. And while I like it, I don't feel I need to buy a second one just to get the color combination I prefer.
I got this pen thinking...
December 6, 2013
Verified Purchase
I got this pen thinking it would be good for me to take to work. The pen itself is very cute and doesn't feel ridiculously cheap, but got a bit uncomfortable for me after writing extended periods (had to use too much pressure). In addition, the nib and I don't get along- there's quite a bit of jumping, so much that I had to go back and fix letters especially on downward strokes. I don't have time to deal with that on work forms (incidentally, it does pretty well on carbon copy paper). On the plus side, it does use the converter so you aren't tied to cartridges. I wouldn't get another one, I'd rather save up and get a different Sailor.