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I have both the green...
June 1, 2013
Verified Purchase
I have both the green (55 degree bended nib) and the blue (40 degree) versions of this pen and really enjoy them both. I use the Sailor nano black waterproof ink and it works well. With a tilt of the pen, the line can go to very fine to broad and back, so very good for drawing, like carrying two pens at once except even more convenient since you don't have to keep switching them. The large cartridge chamber actually holds TWO cartridges, one in use and a spare, so the pen is extra-good for traveling. In my experience, the pens start right up even after sitting for a couple of weeks, so nib dry-out isn't an issue as it is with so many pens.

I like both the green (55 degree) and the blue (40 degree) versions of this pen, but I lean slightly to using the blue more often. I've read comments by other artists who lean the other way, toward the green one. You would need to try both and see for yourself.

In any case, if you like to sketch on the go, grab one of these and some nano black cartridges (or your own preference) and a good journal (like Stillman and Birn zeta or beta seeries) and have yourself some fun. If you use a waterproof ink like the nano black, you can add watercolors later.
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I love this pen. I use...
September 22, 2014
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I love this pen. I use it mostly for drawing and I'm left-handed. You can vary the line width quite a bit and it's really smooth. Good for detail and broad strokes. I've just been using normal Rapidograph ink, too. I recommend this pen to my friends all the time. I'm interested to try the other one, but I feel like this one compliments my heavy hand better.
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very nice to be able...
October 16, 2014
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very nice to be able to buy a speciality nib at such a low price. when the pen is held flatter i.e. back end closer to the paper, then it writes almost like a brush and a lot of ink flows. Whereas holding it higher makes it write normally (and writing gets finer as tilt increases). Note that in the course of normal writing this will always produce variable line width since the writing angle always keeps changing slightly.
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Not really a calligraphic...
December 23, 2014
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Not really a calligraphic pen: bent tip doesn't equal a broad point.
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