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I love the color of this...
September 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
I love the color of this ink. It also flows nicely and is great to write with; it's the perfect shade of green
This is my second favorite...
July 16, 2011
This is my second favorite Sailor color of ink. The Grenade has to be my favorite. It reminds me of garnets. I ordered the Sailor Epinard because I read that it was similar in color to the discontinued Mont Blanc British Racing Green ink color. I was not disappointed. I highly recommend this ink but, second to the Grenade.
the paper is either top...
August 23, 2011
Verified Purchase
the paper is either top notch or else if you drag for but a second you will get plenty of feathering/bleedthrough

heck even on my nice Japanese notebook ( if you want to call it that ) got speckles of bleed-through when using this with a flex pen, you can see my hesitation very clearly XD

the paper again on that note needs to be WHITE WHTIE, in order to express the green

otherwise it will always appear black until you take a high powered light up to it =p
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