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This is a lovely ink...
May 24, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is a lovely ink colour well worth the, more or less, premium price. The bottle has a great design, it holds a good amount of ink, and it utilizes the "ink reservoir" type system that Pilot uses, to get the full value out of the bottle. The ink itself is a very nice colour, not your typical red or crimson at all. It really does look like the juice of the pomegranate fruit it is named for, and when used in a wet writer or flexible pen, it carries a golden sheen in areas where the ink pools. A very unique ink!

Jet Pens - First off, thanks for carrying this ink! But I would've loved to have bought the new Jentle Apricot and Epinard colours as well, so please do pick them up in the near future!
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The shading in this ink...
July 16, 2011
Verified Purchase
The shading in this ink is apparent even with the finest point. I have my Sailor Reglus Industrial Revolution fountain pen with a fine point currently filled up with this ink. The ink gives lovely shading with this pen. I am sure if you are of a broader point persuasion the color would look even better. I highly recommend this ink brand and particularly this color. It is my favorite Sailor Jentle color, even over the Epinard.
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