Sailor Fountain Pen Jentle Ink - 50 ml Bottle - Sky Blue

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This smooth-flowing ink is specifically formulated to be safe for all fountain pens. Each bottle contains 50 ml of water-based dye ink. The bottle is cleverly designed with an internal reservoir, allowing you to enjoy every last drop of your fountain pen ink. In normal bottles, as you approach depleting ink reservoirs it gets more and more difficult to suck up ink. Each of these ink bottles easily solves that problem with a simple plastic tube in the bottle. When the ink level gets low, tighten the bottle cap, flip the bottle upside down, and then flip it right side up. Atmospheric pressure causes the ink level in the tube to remain higher than in the rest of the bottle, allowing you to fill your fountain pen with ease.
Model NumberSAILOR 13-1000-241
Weight6.3 ounces
Bottle Size 50 ml
Ink Color Light Blue (Sky Blue)
Size - Height 4.9 cm
Size - Length 6.6 cm
Size - Width 6.6 cm
Usage Dip Pens, Fountain Pens
Water Resistance None

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Sky High is quite possibly...
September 14, 2012
Sky High is quite possibly my favorite blue ink of all time (and I've tried many!). It's a medium, true blue, no purple or green leanings at all. Really rich, it's got depth yet vibrancy at the same time. Life's too short to use a boring shade of blue!
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