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Okay, I have a new favorite...
August 15, 2014
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Okay, I have a new favorite brown ink. This is a very dark brown, which could even look black if you're not paying attention. It's working beautifully in my Pilot Custom Heritage 92 and on a couple of different papers in two different journals. One pleasant surprise was the water resistance. The ink properties chart here says that the water resistance is "none", but I ran my usual test. Wrote a few lines on a scrap of printer paper, put it in the sink and ran the hot water on it hard for about thirty seconds, then took it out and let it dry out completely on a paper towel. Sometimes an ink will survive the initial soaking, but then blur to illegibility while it's drying. Not this ink. The letters bled just slightly at the edges, and the color lightened a little, but the the writing remained bold and legible.
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"Dark Brown" Sailor Doyou....
July 26, 2014
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"Dark Brown" Sailor Doyou. I have no major complaints about this ink. I would like it better if it had a little sheen like some Sailor inks. I have not seen a sheen with Doyou. Or if it had a little more nuance of shading. The shading here is not a prominent feature, if you even see it at all. The brown of this ink is like grey that got so warm it became brown. Sometimes it looks like what I would call 'chestnut.' I have used it in a Lamy Al Star with EF nib and with 1.9 nib. It can be very dark. It looks good on a page with blue inks and green-blue. It is a quiet earthy color like umber.
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I like brown inks, the...
October 21, 2015
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I like brown inks, the darker the better. This is a very dark brown and can be mistaken for a black, depending upon the pen/nib. The ink seems to flow very well and the bottle has a nice system to aid in filling the pen. Doyou has an acceptable dry time for me and is at least slightly water resistant on my Kyokuto notepad.
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Beautiful ink; filling...
June 14, 2016
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Beautiful ink; filling mechanism in bottle is really effective; super dark dark brown - had hoped it'd be more easily seen as brown ink but looks blackish in most light. So far have only used with a broader nib. Flows beautifully.
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