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Yamadori is a nice deep...
August 20, 2014
Yamadori is a nice deep green leaning towards blue. While it is a beautiful fun color, still subtle enough to use for professional or formal occasion. It is such an elegant color with some shading. Of course a beautiful color is really important, but sometimes they are not the best behaving..... Yamadori? It's pretty amazing. Flows so nicely and lubricate nibs just right. Ink dries pretty quickly and make it suitable for a quick note taking as well. I have not experienced any feathering in numbers of papers I tried so far. Many people like Moleskine notebooks but they are notorious for fountain pen ink bleed through, however with Yamadori, bleed through is very minimum as long as you use fine nibs.
( I use it in Lamy Al-star extra fine) I highly recommend this ink for anyone, even for those who are not usually big on color inks other than typical blue fountain inks!
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If you like Emerald of...
December 10, 2015
If you like Emerald of Chivor but want something a little less high maintenance with more red sheen, this might be your color. The two inks are quite similar, with Yama-dori being a little on the darker, more subtle blue/teal side. Yama-dori does not have the pretty, but troublesome gold glitter that likes to dry out and clog your pen (if you are not careful), but what it does have is a strong red sheen that is to die for! (In E. of C., the red sheen can be hard to get on anything less than Tomoe paper.) With any sheening ink it might start out a little dry on the very first pen stroke, but other than than this ink has been a dream!
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Really beautiful teal...
August 12, 2015
Verified Purchase
Really beautiful teal - leaning toward the green a bit more than blue, which is really nice. I didn't see the copper with a thin nib (like a fine or medium), but I made the mistake of spilling some and yes, the metallic highlights are there, and it did remind me of iridescent bird feathers. I would assume you'd be able to see it with a broad or stub nib. This is a highly pigmented ink, like the other Sailor inks I've had. You do have to rinse thoroughly, but it's not difficult to wash out. It flows well out of a picky Conklin I have, and also well out of a Fine Platinum Preppy I converted to an eyedropper. This is my current favorite ink. I *was* going to get the Pilot Ku-jaku Peacock blue, but I think I'll wait - I like the Yama-dori enough that I don't feel the need to pick up the Ku-jaku right away.I may pick up a second bottle, just to have a spare!
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I've heard a lot of positive...
May 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
I've heard a lot of positive words about this ink and now I can add some of my own. This ink really is amazing. I looks great with EF pens to flex pens to bold pens. It has amazing shadowing and the color is unique but still easy to read for everyday work.
This ink is worth the money to add to your collection.
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I am not quite sure what...
January 14, 2015
Verified Purchase
I am not quite sure what all the fuss is about.

This is a nice saturated ink, with good shading and flow characteristics. Otherwise it's a normal teal (albeit with the typical Sailor paint-fumes solvent odor.)

Everyone online apparently loves the sheen. Perhaps that was characteristic of the original limited edition version of the ink, but the formulation I received in early 2015 has no sheen whatsoever, on Rhodia or cheap paper.

to get the shading you need to use it in a wet pen, probably medium or italic or larger.
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This ink is amazing....
January 28, 2016
Verified Purchase
This ink is amazing. Flows beautifully, doesn't clog pen. Has a lovely depth of colour.
Lovely dark green-blue....
January 23, 2016
Lovely dark green-blue. Looks exactly like swatches. Not overly wet, nor too dry. It is a perfect color for when you want something other than a boring black or blue, but can't go too wild. It is a unique and beautiful color that I doubt could be replicated in a simple ballpoint pen, and I appreciate that a lot, as I try to take advantage of the fact that I can have pretty much whatever color I want in a fountain pen.

To get the crazy shading and beautiful red sheen, you do need a broad nib. A flex, italic, broad, or maybe even medium will show off these qualities best. I use this in an EF nib at the moment, and the red sheen is nowhere to be found, which is okay and totally expected. While cleaning off some excess, I did notice some red sheen in even the smallest little spots of somewhat concentrated ink, so it looks like it doesn't take much to get that sheen to come out. And that was on crappy paper, too. This ink is really just amazing.

This ink is one of those that I will always recommend to people looking for a special color for their pens. It's a timeless, beautiful color that can be used in any setting. If you haven't tried this yet and you're thinking about it, just do it. Get it over with. You won't regret it.
My favorite blue-black...
September 26, 2015
Verified Purchase
My favorite blue-black ink at the moment, Yama-Dori is a beautiful dark blue/teal ink that behaves extremely well. It is easy to clean out of pens and it shades and sheens incredibly well, even in my dryest pens. The ink container is also adorable and easy to use to fill any pen.
Completely in love with...
May 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
Completely in love with this ink. To my eye, it strikes a wonderful balance between blue and green, it's deep and vivid, and even using a fine nib Lamy Safari, I see a fair amount of shading. I can definitely see the red sheen at the edges of places where the ink has gone down heavy, but it's very subtle. If I ever hear a rumor that Sailor is discontinuing this ink, I'll cheerfully take out a loan so I can buy enough bottles to make sure that I can live a long, eventful life and never, ever run out.
One of my go to, everyday...
April 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
One of my go to, everyday inks. The teal is beautiful, and I love using it in my Lamy Safari Vista EF pen so I can admire the blue when held up to the light. It also is a pretty dry ink, all things considered.
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