Sailor G-Free Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Clear Navy (Space Navy)

Sailor G-Free Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Clear Navy (Space Navy)

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The Sailor G-Free makes writing as stress-free as floating in zero-gravity. A spring cushions the tip of the pen, comfortably absorbing any excess writing pressure. Twisting the top push button adjusts the resistance of the spring. The pen also features a comfortable, ergonomically-shaped rubber grip section and a specially formulated ink that minimizes skips and globs. It has a convenient binder clip that retracts the tip when pushed, so you'll never accidentally get ink in your pocket by putting the pen away with the tip extended.

Sailor used electromyograms to compare the muscle strength exerted when writing with a typical ballpoint pen versus the G-Free. They found that with the G-Free, people were able to write using over 10% less strength!

This pen contains 0.7 mm black G-Free ink.

This is is the Clear Navy (Space Navy) pen. Close-up photos showing the tip mechanism feature the Orange (Saturn) pen.

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From JetPens, I bought...
December 10, 2015
From JetPens, I bought both the Uni-Ball Jetstream (Rubber Body Series) "Gun Metallic Grey" & "Silver" pens. I also wanted the "Jetstream Prime" SXN-2200-07 (Black) which is not available from JetPens; so I visited the Tokyu Hands store to buy 2 of the very wonderful Uni-Ball "Jetstream Prime" in black and happened to chance on the G-Free pens. I saw that it is made by the highly reputed Sailor pen company and decided to test it.

Verdict: I was instantly impressed by its exceptional smoothness and bought 6 pens in navy blue barrel, on the spot. Few pens can best the Jetstream in terms of smoothness and the Sailor G-Free does just that.

So far, there is only 0.7mm tip with black ink, which is what I prefer.

Some people may not like the 3-sided rubber grip. I can adapt to the 3-sided grip but would be happier if it is rounded instead.

The "binder" pocket clip is cleverly designed to retract the tip once the clip is open. This prevents soiling the pocket with ink.

The clicker push button extends the tip for writing but also serves as a regulator for the internal spring-loaded compression system.

Due to the internal spring-loaded compression system (which is adjusted by turning the clicker button), the pen can only hold a shorter ink refill. Since it is not possible to install a long ink cartridge, I would be happier if Sailor can use a short but fatter ink cartridge to carry more of the super smooth ink.

It is evident that the Sailor pen company has put in considerable thoughts when designing its G-Free pen.

Writing with such a super smooth pen is an enjoyment by itself.

Additionally, the Sailor pen company has informed me that the G-Free ink is oil-based ink, so you could use the G-Free for writing bank checks and legal documents.

Highly recommended.
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Gareth Chin
In the first place, I'm...
October 23, 2015
Verified Purchase
In the first place, I'm pretty much a rollerball or gel pen guy. That said, this is an OK ballpoint, but I had hoped the ink would have more "free moving" and its not. The .7mm point is not an easy point to write with and maybe its just me, I don't plan on using them. I'll probably give them away to friends or clients.
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I love this pen, I have...
September 14, 2016
Verified Purchase
I love this pen, I have a very strong grip and it always ends up hurting my writing. But this pen definetly helps with the soft padding and the pressure absorber on the tip

recomend it!
A good, solid ballpoint...5...
March 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
A good, solid ballpoint...5 stars when Sailor adds a 1.0 mm refill. The G-Free is a great value for the price -- well-designed, balanced, and attractive. The variable click is intriguing. I set it at a "medium" strength setting which made it feel more authoritative. The G-Free refills write well; I couldn't get mine to skip. I prefer the triangular grip on my ballpoints so that's an added plus. Sailor, please expand the refill options to include a 1.0 mm refill as good as Zebra's Z-Mulsion EX.