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The fineness of the nib...
November 5, 2010
Verified Purchase
The fineness of the nib is just about perfect for me; my non-fountain pens are usually Uniball Micro 0.5mm, and this writes just about exactly like that, only smoother. (I find my Lamy EF nib to be wonderful, but a bit too broad for anything but prose; it's too broad for math or notes.) The tines seems pretty well aligned and I haven't felt much scratchiness, despite the fineness of the nib. I have Noodler's #41 Brown in it, and so far so good.

The pen does feel incredibly light. Posting the cap, which is the only reasonably hefty-feeling part of this pen, leaves it reasonably well balanced.
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I'm a huge fan of my...
November 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
I'm a huge fan of my Sailor Clear Candy and wanted to try this Sailor which is at the same price point. It arrived without cartridge or converter, so you may need to purchase one or both along with this pen.

It's a slim pen, thinner than most of mine small collection. I like the silver and red together, but ultimately this pen just doesn't look like it is worth the price. The red shaft in particular looks very plasticy and cheap. The feed and nib are attractive however.

As for the nib, Sailor makes some great ones and this pen doesn't disappoint. Despite the thin line (equivalent to a Euro EF nib) it's smooth and fun to write with. I loaded it with a converter filled with Diamine Red Dragon and it lays down a nice even flow.

However the Clear Candy provides just as good of a nib is thicker and more comfortable to hold. You would certainly be use this in more situations, however, as the HighAce Neo has a more conservative appeal than the fun and light-hearted Clear Candy.

So unless you really hate the looks of the Clear Candy, I would go with a different choice than the HighAce Neo.
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A truly fine line! This...
May 4, 2011
Verified Purchase
A truly fine line! This is a spectacular nib for drawing, loaded with a Sailor Nano ink cartridge. Runs tiny circles around my Lamy Vista EF...

The only faults I can find are that the pen feels fairly cheap overall for the price (seems more like it should be about $8-10, really), with slightly misaligned cosmetic trim on the cap that doesn't seem to affect performance or comfort in any way. The grip area can become slippery if your hand environment is on the moist side, but as the pen is so light, it's not likely to tumble out of your grip. Lastly, the red plastic is fairly dull compared to the photo, like Evil-Superman's cape in Superman III.

A little pricey at first, but the twinge evaporates the more you play with that superb line.
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